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Multi Environment Trials Analysis

acvAdjusted Coefficient of Variation \loadmathjax
ammi_indexesAMMI-based stability indexes
AnnicchiaricoAnnicchiarico's genotypic confidence index
anova_indWithin-environment analysis of variance
anova_jointJoint analysis of variance
arrange_ggplotArrange separate ggplots into the same graphic
as.lpcorCoerce to an object of class lpcor
barplotsFast way to create bar plots
bind_cvBind cross-validation objects
blup_indexesStability indexes based on a mixed-effect model
can_corrCanonical correlation analysis
clusteringClustering analysis
coincidence_indexComputes the coincidence index of genotype selection
colindiagCollinearity Diagnostics
comb_varsPairwise combinations of variables
corr_ciConfidence interval for correlation coefficient
corr_coefLinear and partial correlation coefficients
correlated_varsGenerate correlated variables
corr_focusFocus on section of a correlation matrix
corr_plotVisualization of a correlation matrix
corr_ssSample size planning for a desired Pearson's correlation...
corr_stab_indCorrelation between stability indexes
covcor_designVariance-covariance matrices for designed experiments
cv_ammiCross-validation procedure
cv_ammifCross-validation procedure
cv_blupCross-validation procedure
data_alphaData from an alpha lattice design
data_gSingle maize trial
data_geMulti-environment trial of oat
data_ge2Multi-environment trial of maize
data_simulaSimulate genotype and genotype-environment data
desc_statDescriptive statistics
dooAlternative to dplyr::do for doing anything
ecovalenceStability analysis based on Wricke's model
env_dissimilarityDissimilarity between environments
env_stratificationEnvironment stratification
fai_blupMulti-trait selection index
find_outliersFind possible outliers in a dataset
FoxFox's stability function
gafemGenotype analysis by fixed-effect models
gaiGeometric adaptability index
gamemGenotype analysis by mixed-effect models
gamem_metGenotype-environment analysis by mixed-effect models
ge_acvAdjusted Coefficient of Variation as yield stability index
ge_clusterCluster genotypes or environments
ge_detailsDetails for genotype-environment trials
ge_effectsGenotype-environment effects
ge_factanalStability analysis and environment stratification
ge_meansGenotype-environment means
ge_plotGraphical analysis of genotype-vs-environment interaction
ge_polarPower Law Residuals as yield stability index \loadmathjax
ge_regEberhart and Russell's regression model
ge_statsParametric and non-parametric stability statistics
get_corvarsGenerate normal, correlated variables
get_covmatGenerate a covariance matrix
get_distGet a distance matrix
get_model_dataGet data from a model easily
ge_winnersGenotype-environment winners
ggeGenotype plus genotype-by-environment model
gtbGenotype by trait biplot
gytbGenotype by yield*trait biplot
HuehnHuehn's stability statistics
impute_missing_valMissing value imputation
inspectCheck for common errors in multi-environment trial data
int.effectsData for examples
is_balanced_trialCheck if a data set is balanced
is.lpcorCoerce to an object of class lpcor
lineplotsFast way to create line plots
lpcorLinear and Partial Correlation Coefficients
mahalaMahalanobis Distance
mahala_designMahalanobis distance from designed experiments
make_longTwo-way table to a 'long' format
make_matMake a two-way table
mantel_testMantel test \loadmathjax
meansGxEData for examples
metan-packageMulti-Environment Trial Analysis
mgidiMultitrait Genotype-Ideotype Distance Index
mpsMean performance and stability in multi-environment trials
mtmpsMulti-trait mean performance and stability index
mtsiMulti-trait stability index
network_plotNetwork plot of a correlation matrix
non_collinear_varsSelect a set of predictors with minimal multicollinearity
pairs_mantelMantel test for a set of correlation matrices
path_coeffPath coefficients with minimal multicollinearity
performs_ammiAdditive Main effects and Multiplicative Interaction
pipePipe operator
plot.anova_jointSeveral types of residual plots
plot_blupPlot the BLUPs for genotypes
plot.can_corPlots an object of class can_cor
plot_ciPlot the confidence interval for correlation
plot.clusteringPlot an object of class clustering
plot.corr_coefCreate a correlation heat map
plot.correlated_varsPlot an object of class correlated_vars
plot.cvalidationPlot the RMSPD of a cross-validation procedure
plot_eigenPlot the eigenvalues
plot.env_dissimilarityPlot an object of class env_dissimilarity
plot.env_stratificationPlot the env_stratification model
plot.fai_blupMulti-trait selection index
plot.gafemSeveral types of residual plots
plot.gamemSeveral types of residual plots
plot.ge_clusterPlot an object of class ge_cluster
plot.ge_effectsPlot an object of class ge_effects
plot.ge_factanalPlot the ge_factanal model
plot.ge_regPlot an object of class ge_reg
plot.ggeCreate GGE, GT or GYT biplots
plot.mgidiPlot the multi-trait genotype-ideotype distance index
plot.mtmpsPlot the multi-trait stability index
plot.mtsiPlot the multi-trait stability index
plot.path_coeffPlots an object of class 'path_coeff'
plot.performs_ammiSeveral types of residual plots
plot.resp_surfPlot the response surface model
plot_scoresPlot scores in different graphical interpretations
plot.shPlot the Smith-Hazel index
plot.waasSeveral types of residual plots
plot.waasbSeveral types of residual plots
plot_waasbyPlot WAASBY values for genotype ranking
plot.wsmpPlot heat maps with genotype ranking
predict.gamemPredict method for gamem fits
predict.ggePredict a two-way table based on GGE model
predict.performs_ammiPredict the means of a performs_ammi object
predict.waasPredict the means of a waas object
predict.waasbPredict method for waasb fits
print.ammi_indexesPrint an object of class ammi_indexes
print.AnnicchiaricoPrint an object of class Annicchiarico
print.anova_indPrint an object of class anova_ind
print.anova_jointPrint an object of class anova_joint
print.can_corPrint an object of class can_cor
print.coincidencePrint an object of class coincidence
print.colindiagPrint an object of class colindiag
print.corr_coefPrint an object of class corr_coef
print.ecovalencePrint an object of class ecovalence
print.env_dissimilarityPrint an object of class env_dissimilarity
print.env_stratificationPrint the env_stratification model
print.FoxPrint an object of class Fox
print.gamemPrint an object of class gamem
print.ge_factanalPrint an object of class ge_factanal
print.ge_regPrint an object of class ge_reg
print.ge_statsPrint an object of class ge_stats
print.HuehnPrint an object ofclass 'Huehn'
print.lpcorPrint the partial correlation coefficients
print.mgidiPrint an object of class mgidi Print a 'mgidi' object in two...
print.mtmpsPrint an object of class mtmps
print.mtsiPrint an object of class mtsi
print.path_coeffPrint an object of class path_coeff
print.performs_ammiPrint an object of class performs_ammi
print.SchmildtPrint an object of class Schmildt
print.shPrint an object of class sh
print.ShuklaPrint an object of class Shukla
print.superiorityPrint an object ofclass 'superiority'
print.ThennarasuPrint an object ofclass 'Thennarasu'
print.waasPrint an object of class waas
print.waasbPrint an object of class waasb
print.waas_meansPrint an object of class waas_means
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
reorder_cormatReorder a correlation matrix
rescaRescale a variable to have specified minimum and maximum...
residual_plotsSeveral types of residual plots
resp_surfResponse surface model
SchmildtSchmildt's genotypic confidence index
Select_helperSelect helper
select_predSelects a best subset of predictor variables.
ShuklaShukla's stability variance parameter
Smith_HazelSmith-Hazel index
solve_svdPseudoinverse of a square matrix
split_factorsSplit a data frame by factors
stars_pvalGenerate significance stars from p-values
superiorityLin e Binns' superiority index
themesPersonalized theme for ggplot2-based graphics
ThennarasuThennarasu's stability statistics
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
transpose_dfTranspose a data frame
tukey_hsdTukey Honest Significant Differences
utils_asEncode variables to a specific format
utils_bindHelper function for binding rows
utils_classUtilities for handling with classes
utils_dataUtilities for data Copy-Pasta
utils_data_orgUtilities for data organization
utils_matUtilities for handling with matrices
utils_na_zeroUtilities for handling with NA and zero values
utils_num_strUtilities for handling with numbers and strings
utils_progressUtilities for text progress bar in the terminal
utils_rows_colsUtilities for handling with rows and columns
utils_samplesRandom Sampling
utils_setsUtilities for set operations for many sets
utils_statsUseful functions for computing descriptive statistics
utils_wdSet and get the Working Directory quicky
venn_plotDraw Venn diagrams
waasWeighted Average of Absolute Scores
waasbWeighted Average of Absolute Scores
waas_meansWeighted Average of Absolute Scores
wsmpWeighting between stability and mean performance
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