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Multivariate Normal Mixture Models and Mixtures of Generalized Linear Mixed Models Including Model Based Clustering

AcidityAcidity index of lakes in North-Central Wisconsin
autolayoutAutomatic layout for several plots in one figure
BLABest linear approximation with respect to the mean square...
BsBasisB-spline basis
cbplotPlot a function together with its confidence/credible bands
DirichletDirichlet distribution
EnzymeEnzymatic activity in the blood
FaithfulOld Faithful Geyser Data
fitted.GLMMMCMCFitted profiles in the GLMM model
GalaxyVelocities of distant galaxies
generatePermutationsGenerate all permutations of (1, ..., K)
getProfilesIndividual longitudinal profiles of a given variable
GLMMlongitDADiscriminant analysis for longitudinal profiles based on...
GLMMlongitDA2Discriminant analysis for longitudinal profiles based on...
GLMMMCMCMCMC estimation of a (multivariate) generalized linear mixed...
GLMMMCMCdataData manipulation for the GLMM_MCMC function
GLMMMCMCifitInitial (RE)ML fits for the GLMM_MCMC function
GLMMMCMCinit.alphaHandle init.alpha or init2.alpha argument of GLMM_MCMC...
GLMMMCMCinit.bHandle init.b or init2.b argument of GLMM_MCMC function
GLMMMCMCinit.epsHandle init.eps or init2.eps argument of GLMM_MCMC function
GLMMMCMCprior.alphaHandle prior.alpha argument of GLMM_MCMC function
GLMMMCMCprior.bHandle prior.eps argument of GLMM_MCMC function
GLMMMCMCprior.epsHandle prior.eps argument of GLMM_MCMC function
GLMMMCMCscale.bHandle scale.b argument of GLMM_MCMC function
GLMMMCMCwrapperWrapper to the GLMM_MCMC main simulation.
MatMPpinvMoore-Penrose pseudoinverse of a squared matrix
MatSqrtSquare root of a matrix
MVNMultivariate normal distribution
MVNmixtureMixture of (multivariate) normal distributions
MVTMultivariate Student t distribution
NMixChainCompChains for mixture parameters
NMixChainsDerivedCreate MCMC chains derived from previously sampled values
NMixClusterClustering based on the MCMC output of the mixture model
NMixEMEM algorithm for a homoscedastic normal mixture
NMixMCMCMCMC estimation of (multivariate) normal mixtures with...
NMixMCMCdataData manipulation for the NMixMCMC function
NMixMCMCinitrInitial component allocations for the NMixMCMC function
NMixMCMCinityInitial values of censored observations for the NMixMCMC...
NMixMCMCwrapperWrapper to the NMixMCMC main simulation.
NMixPlugCondDensJoint2Pairwise bivariate conditional densities: plug-in estimate
NMixPlugCondDensMargUnivariate conditional densities: plug-in estimate
NMixPlugDADiscriminant analysis based on plug-in estimates from the...
NMixPlugDensJoint2Pairwise bivariate densities: plug-in estimate
NMixPlugDensMargMarginal (univariate) densities: plug-in estimate
NMixPredCDFMargMarginal (univariate) predictive cumulative distribution...
NMixPredCondCDFMargUnivariate conditional predictive cumulative distribution...
NMixPredCondDensJoint2Pairwise bivariate conditional predictive densities
NMixPredCondDensMargUnivariate conditional predictive density
NMixPredDADiscriminant analysis based on MCMC output from the mixture...
NMixPredDensJoint2Pairwise bivariate predictive density
NMixPredDensMargMarginal (univariate) predictive density
NMixPseudoGOFPseudo goodness-of-fit test for a normal mixture model
NMixRelabelRe-labeling the MCMC output of the mixture model
NMixRelabelAlgorithmArgument manipulation for the NMixRelabel functions
NMixSummCompSummary for the mixture components
PBC910Subset of Mayo Clinic Primary Biliary Cirrhosis data
PBCseqMayo Clinic Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, sequential data
plot.NMixPlugCondDensJoint2Plot computed pairwise bivariate conditional densities...
plot.NMixPlugCondDensMargPlot computed univariate conditional densities (plug-in...
plot.NMixPlugDensJoint2Plot computed marginal pairwise bivariate densities (plug-in...
plot.NMixPlugDensMargPlot computed marginal predictive densities
plot.NMixPredCDFMargPlot computed marginal predictive cumulative distribution...
plot.NMixPredCondCDFMargPlot computed univariate conditional predictive cumulative...
plot.NMixPredCondDensJoint2Plot computed predictive pairwise bivariate conditional...
plot.NMixPredCondDensMargPlot computed univariate conditional predictive densities
plot.NMixPredDensJoint2Plot computed marginal pairwise bivariate predictive...
plot.NMixPredDensMargPlot computed marginal predictive densities
plotProfilesPlot individual longitudinal profiles
rRotationMatrixRandom rotation matrix
rSamplePairSample a pair (with replacement)
SimDataSimulated dataset
SP2RectConversion of a symmetric matrix stored in a packed format...
summaryDiffPosterior summary statistics for a difference of two...
TandmobSignal Tandmobiel data
TandmobEmerSignal Tandmobiel data - emergence times
TMVNTruncated multivariate normal distribution
TNormTruncated normal distribution
tracePlotsTraceplots for selected parameters
WishartWishart distribution
Y2TTransform fitted distribution of Y=trans(T) into distribution...
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