breast.tumors: Human Breast Tumors Data

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This data set contains the expression of 1,000 genes in 47 surgical specimens of human breast tumours from 17 different individuals before and after chemotherapy treatment.




A list containing the following components:


data matrix with 47 rows and 1000 columns. Each row represents an experimental sample, and each column a single gene.


a list containing two character vector components: name the name of the samples, and treatment the treatment status.


a list containing two character vector components: name the name of the genes, and description the description of each gene.


This data consists of 47 breast cancer samples and 1753 cDNA clones pre-selected by Perez-Enciso et al. (2003) to draw their Fig. 1. The authors selected 47 samples for which there was information at least before or before and after chemotherapy treatment. There were 20 tumours that were microarrayed both before and after treatment. For illustrative purposes we then randomly selected 1000 cDNA clones for this data set.


The Human Breast Tumors dataset is a companion resource for the paper of Perou et al. (2000), and was downloaded from the Stanford Genomics Breast Cancer Consortium Portal


Perez-Enciso, M. and Tenenhaus, M. (2003). Prediction of clinical outcome with microarray data: a partial least squares discriminant analysis (PLS-DA) approach. Human Genetics 112, 581-592.

Perou, C. M., Sorlie, T., Eisen, M. B., van de Rijn, M., Jeffrey, S. S., Rees, C. A., Pollack, J. R., Ross, D. T., Johnsen, H., Akslen, L. A., Fluge, O., Pergamenschikov, A., Williams, C., Zhu, S. X., Lonning, P. E., Borresen-Dale, A. L., Brown, P. O. and Botstein, D. (2000). Molecular portraits of human breast tumours. Nature 406, 747-752.

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