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Omics Data Integration Project

aurocArea Under the Curve (AUC) and Receiver Operating...
background.predictCalculate prediction areas
block.plsN-integration with Projection to Latent Structures models...
block.plsdaN-integration with Projection to Latent Structures models...
block.splsN-integration and feature selection with sparse Projection to...
block.splsdaN-integration and feature selection with Projection to Latent...
breast.TCGABreast Cancer multi omics data from TCGA
breast.tumorsHuman Breast Tumors Data
cimClustered Image Maps (CIMs) ("heat maps")
cimDiabloClustered Image Maps (CIMs) ("heat maps") for DIABLO
circosPlotcircosPlot for DIABLO
colorsColor Palette for mixOmics
diverse.16S16S microbiome data: most diverse bodysites from HMP
estim.regulEstimate the parameters of regularization for Regularized CCA
explained_varianceCalculation of explained variance
get.confusion_matrixCreate confusion table and calculate the Balanced Error Rate
image.estim.regulPlot the cross-validation score.
image.tune.rccPlot the cross-validation score.
imgCorImage Maps of Correlation Matrices between two Data Sets
ipcaIndependent Principal Component Analysis
Koren.16S16S microbiome atherosclerosis study
linnerudLinnerud Dataset
liver.toxicityLiver Toxicity Data
logratio.transfoLog-ratio transformation
mapClassification given Probabilities
mat.rankMatrix Rank
mint.block.plsdaNP-integration with Discriminant Analysis
mint.block.splsNP-integration for integration with variable selection
mint.block.splsdaNP-integration with Discriminant Analysis and variable...
mint.pcaP-integration with Principal Component Analysis
mint.plsdaP-integration with Projection to Latent Structures models...
mint.splsP-integration with variable selection
mint.splsdaP-integration with Discriminant Analysis and variable...
mixOmicsPLS-derived methods: one function to rule them all!
multidrugMultidrug Resistence Data
nearZeroVarIdentification of zero- or near-zero variance predictors
networkRelevance Network for (r)CCA and (s)PLS regression
nipalsNon-linear Iterative Partial Least Squares (NIPALS) algorithm
nutrimouseNutrimouse Dataset
pcaPrincipal Components Analysis
pcatuneTune the number of principal components in PCA
perfCompute evaluation criteria for PLS, sPLS, PLS-DA, sPLS-DA,...
plotArrowArrow sample plot
plotDiabloGraphical output for the DIABLO framework
plotIndivPlot of Individuals (Experimental Units)
plotLoadingsPlot of Loading vectors
plot.perfPlot for model performance
plot.rccCanonical Correlations Plot
plot.tunePlot for model performance
plotVarPlot of Variables
plsPartial Least Squares (PLS) Regression
plsdaPartial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis (PLS-DA).
predictPredict Method for (mint).(block).(s)pls(da) methods
print.methodsPrint Methods for CCA, (s)PLS, PCA and Summary objects
rccRegularized Canonical Correlation Analysis
selectVarOutput of selected variables
sipcaIndependent Principal Component Analysis
spcaSparse Principal Components Analysis
splsSparse Partial Least Squares (sPLS)
splsdaSparse Partial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis (sPLS-DA)
srbctSmall version of the small round blue cell tumors of...
stemcellsHuman Stem Cells Data
study_splitdivides a data matrix in a list of matrices defined by a...
summarySummary Methods for CCA and PLS objects
tuneGeneric function to choose the parameters in the different...
tune.block.splsdaTuning function for block.splsda method (N-integration with... the parameters of mint.splsda method
tune.pcaTune the number of principal components in PCA
tune.rccEstimate the parameters of regularization for Regularized CCA
tune.splsTuning functions for sPLS method
tune.splsdaTuning functions for sPLS-DA method
tune.splslevelTuning functions for multilevel sPLS method
unmapDummy matrix for an outcome factor
vac18Vaccine study Data
vac18.simulatedSimulated data based on the vac18 study for multilevel...
vipVariable Importance in the Projection (VIP)
withinVariationWithin matrix decomposition for repeated measurements...
wrapper.rgccamixOmics wrapper for Regularised Generalised Canonical...
wrapper.sgccamixOmics wrapper for Sparse Generalised Canonical Correlation...
yeastYeast metabolomic study
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