nutrimouse: Nutrimouse Dataset

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The nutrimouse dataset contains the expression measure of 120 genes potentially involved in nutritional problems and the concentrations of 21 hepatic fatty acids for forty mice.




A list containing the following components:


data frame with 40 observations on 120 numerical variables.


data frame with 40 observations on 21 numerical variables.


factor of 5 levels containing 40 labels for the diet factor.


factor of 2 levels containing 40 labels for the diet factor.


The data sets come from a nutrigenomic study in the mouse (Martin et al., 2007) in which the effects of five regimens with contrasted fatty acid compositions on liver lipids and hepatic gene expression in mice were considered. Two sets of variables were acquired on forty mice:

Biological units (mice) were cross-classified according to two factors experimental design (4 replicates):


The nutrimouse dataset was provided by Pascal Martin from the Toxicology and Pharmacology Laboratory, National Institute for Agronomic Research, French.


Martin, P. G. P., Guillou, H., Lasserre, F., Déjean, S., Lan, A., Pascussi, J.-M., San Cristobal, M., Legrand, P., Besse, P. and Pineau, T. (2007). Novel aspects of PPARα-mediated regulation of lipid and xenobiotic metabolism revealed through a multrigenomic study. Hepatology 54, 767-777.

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