CPS85: Data from the 1985 Current Population Survey (CPS85)

CPS85R Documentation

Data from the 1985 Current Population Survey (CPS85)


The Current Population Survey (CPS) is used to supplement census information between census years. These data consist of a random sample of persons from the CPS85, with information on wages and other characteristics of the workers, including sex, number of years of education, years of work experience, occupational status, region of residence and union membership.




A data frame with 534 observations on the following variables.

  • wage wage (US dollars per hour)

  • educ number of years of education

  • race a factor with levels NW (nonwhite) or W (white)

  • sex a factor with levels F M

  • hispanic a factor with levels Hisp NH

  • south a factor with levels NS S

  • married a factor with levels Married Single

  • exper number of years of work experience (inferred from age and educ)

  • union a factor with levels Not Union

  • age age in years

  • sector a factor with levels clerical const manag manuf other prof sales service


Data are from 1985. The data file is recoded from the original, which had entirely numerical codes.


Data are from https://dasl.datadescription.com


Berndt, ER. The Practice of Econometrics 1991. Addison-Wesley.



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