Mites: Mites and Wilt Disease

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Mites and Wilt Disease


Data from an experiment to test whether exposure to mites protects against Wilt Disease in cotton plants.




A data frame with 47 observations on the following variables.

  • treatment a factor with levels mites and no mites

  • outcome a factor with levels wilt and no wilt


Researchers suspected that attack of a plant by one organism induced resistance to subsequent attack by a different organism. Individually potted cotton plants were randomly allocated to two groups: infestation by spider mites or no infestation. After two weeks the mites were dutifully removed by a conscientious research assistant, and both groups were inoculated with Verticillium, a fungus that causes Wilt disease. More information can be found at


Statistics for the Life Sciences, Third Edition; Myra Samuels & Jeffrey Witmer (2003), page 409.


if (require(mosaic)) {
  tally(~ treatment + outcome, data=Mites)
  tally(~ outcome | treatment, format="percent", data=Mites)

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