SaratogaHouses: Houses in Saratoga County (2006)

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Houses in Saratoga County (2006)


Data on houses in Saratoga County, New York, USA in 2006




A data frame with 1728 observations on the following 16 variables.

  • price price (US dollars)

  • lotSize size of lot (acres)

  • age age of house (years)

  • landValue value of land (US dollars)

  • livingArea living are (square feet)

  • pctCollege percent of neighborhood that graduated college

  • bedrooms number of bedrooms

  • fireplaces number of fireplaces

  • bathrooms number of bathrooms (half bathrooms have no shower or tub)

  • rooms number of rooms

  • heating type of heating system

  • fuel fuel used for heating

  • sewer type of sewer system

  • waterfront whether property includes waterfront

  • newConstruction whether the property is a new construction

  • centralAir whether the house has central air


Data collected by Candice Corvetti and used in the "Stat 101" case study "How much is a Fireplace Worth". See also

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