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Utility bills


Data from utility bills at a private residence. This is an augmented version of Utilities.




A data frame containing 117 observations for the following variables.

  • month month (coded as a number)

  • day day of month on which bill was calculated

  • year year of bill

  • temp average temperature (F) for billing period

  • kwh electricity usage (kwh)

  • ccf gas usage (ccf)

  • thermsPerDay a numeric vector

  • billingDays number of billing days in billing period

  • totalbill total bill (in dollars)

  • gasbill gas bill (in dollars)

  • elecbill electric bill (in dollars)

  • notes notes about the billing period

  • ccfpday average gas usage per day (Utilities2 only)

  • kwhpday average electric usage per day (Utilities2 only)

  • gasbillpday gas bill divided by billing days (Utilities2 only)

  • elecbillpday electric bill divided by billing days a numeric vector (Utilities2 only)

  • totalbillpday total bill divided by billing days a numeric vector (Utilities2 only)

  • therms thermsPerDay * billingDays (Utilities2 only)

  • monthsSinceY2K months since 2000 (Utilities2 only)


Daniel T. Kaplan, Statistical modeling: A fresh approach, 2009.

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if (require(ggformula)) {
  gf_point(gasbillpday ~ temp, data = Utilities2)

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