SnowGR: Snowfall data for Grand Rapids, MI

SnowGRR Documentation

Snowfall data for Grand Rapids, MI


Official snowfall data by month and season for Grand Rapids, MI, going back to 1893.




A data frame with 119 observations of the following variables.

  • SeasonStart Year in which season started (July is start of season)

  • SeasonEnd Year in which season ended (June is end of season)

  • Jul Inches of snow in July

  • Aug Inches of snow in August

  • Sep Inches of snow in September

  • Oct Inches of snow in October

  • Nov Inches of snow in November

  • Dec Inches of snow in December

  • Jan Inches of snow in January

  • Feb Inches of snow in February

  • Mar Inches of snow in March

  • Apr Inches of snow in April

  • May Inches of snow in May

  • Jun Inches of snow in June

  • Total Inches of snow for entire season (July-June)


These data were compiled by Laura Kapitula from data available from NOAA. The original URL used ( is no longer in service.


if (require(ggformula)) {
  df_stats(~ Total, data = SnowGR)
  gf_histogram( ~ Total, data = SnowGR)
  gf_point(Total ~ SeasonStart, data = SnowGR) %>%
  if (require(tidyr) && require(dplyr)) {
    Snow2 <- 
      SnowGR %>%
      pivot_longer(Jul:Total, names_to = "month", values_to = "snowfall") %>%
      filter(month != "Total") %>%
      mutate(month = factor(month, levels = unique(month)))
    gf_violin(snowfall ~ month, data = Snow2, scale = "width")

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