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A data frame containing country names as used by Gapminder and the maps package to facilitate conversation between the two.




A data frame with 258 observations on the following variables.

  • worldmap region name data sets

  • gapminder country name in Gapminder data sets

  • maps region name in maps data sets


The "countries" in the maps data include several other geographic regions (bodies of water, islands belonging to other countries, Hawaii, etc.) that are not countries. Furthermore, the maps countries do not include many of the countries that have been created since ca. 2000. The mapping is therefore many-to-many, and also includes some NAs when there is no appropriate mapping. Bodies of water in the maps data, for example, are not assigned a country in the Gapminder.


subset(Countries, maps=="Yugoslavia")  # Where has Yugoslavia gone?
subset(Countries,    # Things from maps with no Gapminder equivalent
subset(Countries,         # Things from Gapminder with no maps equivalent

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