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Data from the Whickham survey


Data on age, smoking, and mortality from a one-in-six survey of the electoral roll in Whickham, a mixed urban and rural district near Newcastle upon Tyne, in the UK. The survey was conducted in 1972-1974 to study heart disease and thyroid disease. A follow-up on those in the survey was conducted twenty years later.




A data frame with 1314 observations on women for the following variables.

  • outcome survival status after 20 years: a factor with levels Alive Dead

  • smoker smoking status at baseline: a factor with levels No Yes

  • age age (in years) at the time of the first survey


This dataset contains a subset of the survey sample: women who were classified as current smokers or as never having smoked. The data were synthesized from the summary description tables given in the Appleton et al al paper.


DR Appleton, JM French, MPJ Vanderpump. "Ignoring a covariate: an example of Simpson's paradox". (1996) American Statistician, 50(4):340-341.



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