Scoring matrices for neuron similarities in FCWB template brain


Scoring matrices quantify the log2 odds ratio that a segment pair with a given distance and absolute dot product come from a pair of neurons of the same type, rather than unrelated neurons.


These scoring matrices were generated using all by all pairs from 150 DL2 antennal lobe projection neurons from the dataset and 5000 random pairs from the same dataset.

  • smat.fcwb was trained using nearest-neighbour distance and the tangent vector defined by the first eigen vector of the k=5 nearest neighbours.

  • smat_alpha.fcwb was defined as for smat.fcwb but weighted by the factor alpha defined as (l1-l2)/(l1+l2+l3) where l1,l2,l3 are the three eigen values.

Most work on the flyircuit dataset has been carried out using the smat.fcwb scoring matrix although the smat_alpha.fcwb matrix which emphasises the significance of matches between linear regions of the neuron (such as axons) may have some advantages.

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