sub_score_mat: Return scores (or distances) for given query and target...

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Scores can either be returned as raw numbers, normalised such that a self-hit has score 1, or as the average of the normalised scores in both the forwards & reverse directions (i.e. |query->target| + |target->query| / 2). Distances are returned as either 1 - normscore in the forwards direction, or as 1 - normscorebar, where normscorebar is normscore averaged across both directions.


sub_score_mat(query, target, scoremat = NULL, distance = FALSE,
  normalisation = c("raw", "normalised", "mean"))



character vectors of neuron identifiers.


a matrix, ff matrix, bigmatrix or a character vector specifiying the name of an ff matrix containing the all by all score matrix.


logical indicating whether to return distances or scores.


the type of normalisation procedure that should be carried out, selected from 'raw', 'normalised' or 'mean' (i.e. the average of normalised scores in both directions). If distance=TRUE then this cannot be raw.

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