Man pages for npreg
Nonparametric Regression via Smoothing Splines

bin.sampleBin Sample a Vector, Matrix, or Data Frame
bootBootstrap a Fit Smooth
coefExtract Smooth Model Coefficients
devianceSmooth Model Deviance
diagnostic.plotsPlot Nonparametric Regression Diagnostics
fittedExtract Smooth Model Fitted Values
gsmFit a Generalized Smooth Model
model.matrixConstruct Design Matrix for Fit Model
msqrtMatrix (Inverse?) Square Root
NegBinFamily Function for Negative Binomial
nominalNominal Smoothing Spline Basis and Penalty
npreg-internalsInternal Functions for "npreg"
number2colorMap Numbers to Colors
ordinalOrdinal Smoothing Spline Basis and Penalty
plotciGeneric X-Y Plotting with Confidence Intervals
plot.ssPlot method for Smoothing Spline Fit and Bootstrap
polynomialPolynomial Smoothing Spline Basis and Penalty
predict.gsmPredict method for Generalized Smooth Model Fits
predict.smPredict method for Smooth Model Fits
predict.ssPredict method for Smoothing Spline Fits
psolvePseudo-Solve a System of Equations
residualsExtract Model Residuals
smFit a Smooth Model
smooth.influenceNonparametric Regression Diagnostics
smooth.influence.measuresNonparametric Regression Deletion Diagnostics
sphericalSpherical Spline Basis and Penalty
ssFit a Smoothing Spline
summarySummary methods for Fit Models
theta.mleMLE of Theta for Negative Binomial
thinplateThin Plate Spline Basis and Penalty
varimpVariable Importance Indices
varinfVariance Inflation Factors
vcovCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted Smooth...
weightsExtract Smooth Model Weights
wtd.meanWeighted Arithmetic Mean
wtd.quantileWeighted Quantiles
wtd.varWeighted Variance and Standard Deviation
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