oce: Analysis of Oceanographic Data

Supports the analysis of Oceanographic data, including 'ADCP' measurements, measurements made with 'argo' floats, 'CTD' measurements, sectional data, sea-level time series, coastline and topographic data, etc. Provides specialized functions for calculating seawater properties such as potential temperature in either the 'UNESCO' or 'TEOS-10' equation of state. Produces graphical displays that conform to the conventions of the Oceanographic literature.

AuthorDan Kelley [aut, cre], Clark Richards [aut], Chantelle Layton [ctb] (curl() coauthor), British Geological Survey [ctb, cph] (magnetic-field subroutine), Pablo Vald├ęs [ctb] (Spanish translation of messages)
Date of publication2016-11-19 15:36:34
MaintainerDan Kelley <Dan.Kelley@Dal.Ca>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

abbreviateTimeLabels: Abbreviate a vector of times by removing commonalities

addColumn: Add a Column to the Data Slot of an Oce object [deprecated]

adp: ADP (acoustic-doppler profiler) dataset

adp-class: Class to Hold ADP (ADCP) Data

adv: ADV (acoustic-doppler velocimeter) dataset

adv-class: Class to Hold adv Data

airRho: Air density

amsr-class: Class to Hold amsr Data

angleRemap: Convert angles from 0:360 to -180:180

applyMagneticDeclination: Earth magnetic declination

approx3d: Trilinear interpolation in a 3D array

argo: ARGO float dataset

argo-class: Class to hold Argo data

argoGrid: Grid Argo float data

argShow: Show an argument to a function, e.g. for debugging

as.adp: Create an ADP Object

as.argo: Coerce Data Into an Argo Dataset

as.cm: Coerce data into a CM object

as.coastline: Coerce Data into a Coastline Object

as.ctd: Coerce data into CTD object

as.echosounder: Coerce Data into an Echosounder Object

as.gps: Coerce data into a GPS dataset

as.ladp: Coerce data into an ladp object

as.lisst: Coerce Data Into a LISST Object

as.lobo: Coerce Data into a Lobo Object

as.met: Coerce Data into Met Object

as.oce: Coerce Something Into an Oce Object

as.rsk: Coerce Data Into a Rsk Object

as.sealevel: Coerce Data Into a Sealevel Object

as.section: Create a Section

as.topo: Coerce Data into Topo Object

as.unit: Convert a String to a Unit

as.windrose: Create a Windrose Object

bcdToInteger: Decode BCD to integer

beamName: Get names of Acoustic-Doppler Beams

beamToXyz: Change ADV or ADP coordinate systems

beamToXyzAdp: Convert ADP From Beam to XYZ Coordinates

beamToXyzAdv: Convert ADV from Beam to XYZ Coordinates

beamUnspreadAdp: Adjust ADP Signal for Spherical Spreading

binApply1D: Apply a function to vector data

binApply2D: Apply a function to matrix data

binAverage: Bin-average a vector y, based on x values

binCount1D: Bin-count vector data

binCount2D: Bin-count matrix data

binmapAdp: Bin-map an ADP object

binMean1D: Bin-average f=f(x)

binMean2D: Bin-average f=f(x,y)

bound125: Calculate a rounded bound, rounded up to matissa 1, 2, or 5

bremen-class: Class for data stored in a format used at Bremen

byteToBinary: Format bytes as binary

cm: A CM Record

cm-class: Class to Store Current Meter (CM) Data

cnvName2oceName: Infer variable name, units and scale from a Seabird (.cnv)...

coastlineBest: Find the Name of the Best Coastline Object

coastline-class: Class to Store Coastline Data

coastlineCut: Cut a Coastline Object at Specified Longitude

coastlineWorld: World Coastline

colormap: Calculate colour map

colors: Data that define some colour palettes

composite: Create a composite object by averaging across good data

composite-amsr-method: Create a composite of amsr satellite data

composite-list-method: Create a composite object by averaging across good data...

coriolis: Coriolis parameter on rotating earth

ctd: A CTD profile in Halifax Harbour

ctdAddColumn: Add a Column to the Data Slot of a CTD Object [deprecated]

ctd-class: Class to Store CTD (or general hydrographic) Data

ctdDecimate: Decimate a CTD profile

ctdFindProfiles: Find Profiles within a Tow-Yow CTD Record

ctdRaw: Seawater CTD Profile, Without Trimming of Extraneous Data

ctdTrim: Trim Beginning and Ending of a CTD cast

ctdUpdateHeader: Update a CTD Header [deprecated]

ctimeToSeconds: Interpret a character string as a time interval

curl: Curl of 2D vector field

dataLabel: Try to associate data names with units, for use by summary()

decimate: Smooth and Decimate, or Subsample, an Oce Object

decodeDataNames: Try to guess data names from hints found in file headers

decodeDataNamesArgo: Convert Data Names From the Argo Convention to the Oce...

decodeHeaderNortek: Decode a Nortek Header

decodeTime: Oce Version of as.POSIXct

despike: Remove spikes from a time series

detrend: Detrend a set of observations

download.amsr: Download and Cache an amsr File

download.coastline: Download a coastline File

download.topo: Download and Cache a topo File

drawDirectionField: Draw a Direction Field

drawIsopycnals: Add Isopycnal Curves to TS Plot

drawPalette: Draw a palette, leaving margins suitable for accompanying...

echosounder: Echosounder Dataset

echosounder-class: Class to Store Echosounder Data

eclipticalToEquatorial: Convert ecliptical to equatorial coordinate

enuToOther: Rotate acoustic-Doppler data to a new coordinate system

enuToOtherAdp: Convert ADP ENU to Rotated Coordinate

enuToOtherAdv: Convert ENU to Other Coordinate

equatorialToLocalHorizontal: Convert equatorial to local horizontal coordinate

errorbars: Draw error bars on an existing xy diagram

fillGap: Fill a gap in an oce object

findBottom: Find the Ocean Bottom in an Echosounder Object

findInOrdered: Find indices of times in an ordered vector

firstFinite: Get first finite value in a vector or array, or NULL if none

formatCI: Confidence interval in parenthetic notation

formatPosition: Format Geographical Position in Degrees and Minutes

fullFilename: Full name of file, including path

g1sst-class: Class to Hold G1SST Satellite-model Data

geodDist: Compute Geodesic Distance on Surface of Earth

geodGc: Great-circle Segments Between Points on Earth

geodXy: Convert From Geographical to Geodesic Coordinates

geodXyInverse: Inverse Geodesic Calculation

GMTOffsetFromTz: Determine time offset from timezone

gps-class: Class to Store GPS Data

grad: Calculate the grad of a matrix by first differences

gravity: Acceleration due to earth gravity

handleFlags: Handle flags in oce objects

handleFlags-argo-method: Handle Flags in ARGO Objects

handleFlags-ctd-method: Handle Flags in CTD Objects

handleFlags-section-method: Handle flags in Section Objects

handleFlags-vector-method: Signal erroneous application to non-oce objects

head.oce: Extract The Start of an Oce Object

imagep: Plot an Image with a Color Palette

integerToAscii: Decode integer to corresponding ASCII code

integrateTrapezoid: Use trapezoidal integration

interpBarnes: Grid data using Barnes algorithm

julianCenturyAnomaly: Julian-Day number to Julian century

julianDay: Convert a POSIXt time to a Julian day

ladp-class: Class to store lowered-adp data

landsat: Sample landsat Dataset

landsatAdd: Add a Band to a landsat Object

landsat-class: Class to Hold landsat Data

landsatTrim: Trim a landsat Image to a Geographical Region

latFormat: Format a latitude

latlonFormat: Format a latitude-longitude pair

lisst: LISST Dataset

lisst-class: Class to Store LISST Data

lobo: LOBO Dataset

lobo-class: Class to Store LOBO Data

lonFormat: Format a longitude

lonlat2map: Convert Longitude and Latitude to X and Y

lonlat2utm: Convert Longitude and Latitude to UTM

lookWithin: Look Within the First Element of a List for Replacement...

magneticField: Earth magnetic declination, inclination, and intensity

makeFilter: Make a digital filter

makeSection: Make a Section (DEFUNCT)

map2lonlat: Convert X and Y to Longitude and Latitude

mapArrows: Add Arrows to a Map

mapAxis: Add Axis Labels to an Existing Map

mapContour: Add Contours on a Existing map

mapDirectionField: Add a Direction Field to an Existing Map

mapGrid: Add a Longitude and Latitude Grid to a Map

mapImage: Add an Image to a Map

mapLines: Add Lines to a Map

mapLocator: Locate Points on a Map

mapLongitudeLatitudeXY: Convert From Longitude and Latitude to X and Y

mapMeridians: Add Meridians on a Map [deprecated]

mapPlot: Draw a Map

mapPoints: Add Points to a Map

mapPolygon: Add a Polygon to a Map

mapScalebar: Add a Scalebar to a Map

mapText: Add Text to a Map

mapTissot: Add Tissot Indicatrices to a Map

mapZones: Add Zones to a Map [deprecated]

matchBytes: Locate byte sequences in a raw vector

matrixShiftLongitude: Rearrange areal matrix so Greenwich is near the centre

matrixSmooth: Smooth a Matrix

met: Sample Met Object

met-class: Class to Store Meteorological Data

moonAngle: Lunar Angle as Function of Space and Time

numberAsHMS: Convert a Numeric Time to Hour, Minute, and Second

numberAsPOSIXct: Convert a Numeric Time to a POSIXct Time

oce: oce: A Package for Oceanographic Analysis

oceApprox: Interpolate 1D Data with Unesco or Reiniger-Ross Algorithm

oce.as.POSIXlt: Oce Variant of as.POSIXlt

oce.as.raw: Version of as.raw() that clips data

oce.axis.POSIXct: Oce Version of axis.POSIXct

oce-class: Base Class for oce Objects

oce.colorsGebco: Gebco Colors

oce.colorsTwo: Create a Palette of Colours

oce.contour: Oce Variant of contour

oceConvolve: Convolve two time series

oceCRS: Coordinate Reference System strings for some oceans

oceDebug: Print a debugging message

oceDeleteData: Delete data from an 'oce' object

oceDeleteMetadata: Delete metadata from an 'oce' object

oce-deprecated: Deprecated and Defunct Elements of package 'oce'

oceEdit: Edit an Oce Object

oceFilter: Filter a time-series

oceGetData: Get data from an 'oce' object

oceGetMetadata: Get metadata element from an 'oce' object

oce.grid: Add a Grid to an Existing Oce Plot

oceMagic: Find the Type of an Oceanographic Data File

oce.plot.ts: Oce Variant of plot.ts

ocePmatch: Partial matching of strings or numbers

oceSetData: Set something in the 'data' slot of an 'oce' object

oceSetMetadata: Set something in the 'metadata' slot of an 'oce' object

oceSmooth: Smooth an Oce Object

oceSpectrum: Wrapper to give normalized spectrum

oce.write.table: Write the Data Portion of Object to a File

ODF2oce: Create ODF object from the output of 'ODF::read_ODF()'

odf-class: Class to Store ODF data

ODFNames2oceNames: Translate from ODF Names to Oce Names

parseLatLon: Parse a Latitude or Longitude String

plot-adp-method: Plot ADP Data

plot-adv-method: Plot ADV data

plot-amsr-method: Plot an amsr Object

plot-argo-method: Plot Argo Data

plot-bremen-method: Plot a Bremen Object

plot-cm-method: Plot CM data

plot-coastline-method: Plot a Coastline

plot-ctd-method: Plot CTD Data

plot-echosounder-method: Plot Echosounder Data

plot-gps-method: Plot a GPS Object

plotInset: Plot an Inset Diagram

plot-ladp-method: Plot an ladp object

plot-landsat-method: Plot a landsat Object

plot-lisst-method: Plot LISST data

plot-lobo-method: Plot LOBO data

plot-met-method: Plot Met Data

plot-oce-method: Plot an oce Object

plot-odf-method: Plot an ODF Object

plotPolar: Draw a Polar Plot

plotProfile: Plot a CTD Profile

plot-rsk-method: Plot Rsk Data

plot-satellite-method: Plot a satellite object

plotScan: Plot CTD data in a Low-Level Fashion

plot-sealevel-method: Plot Sealevel Data

plot-section-method: Plot a Section

plotSticks: Draw a Stick Plot

plotTaylor: Plot a Model-data Comparison Diagram

plot-tidem-method: Plot a Tidem Prediction

plot-topo-method: Plot a Topo Object

plotTS: Plot Temperature-Salinity Diagram

plot-windrose-method: Plot Windrose data

predict.tidem: Predict a Time Series from a Tidem Tidal Model

prettyPosition: Pretty lat/lon in deg, min, sec

processingLogAppend: Append an item to a processing log

processingLogItem: Create an item that can be inserted into a processing log

processingLog-set: Add an item to a processing log (in place)

processingLogShow: Show the processing log of an 'oce' object

pwelch: Welch periodogram

rangeExtended: Calculate Range, Extended a Little, as is Done for Axes

rangeLimit: Substitute NA for data outside a range

read.adp: Read an ADP File

read.adp.nortek: Read a Nortek ADP File

read.adp.rdi: Read a Teledyne/RDI ADP File

read.adp.sontek: Read a Sontek ADP File

read.adp.sontek.serial: Read a serial Sontek ADP file

read.adv: Read an ADV data file

read.adv.nortek: Read an ADV data file

read.adv.sontek.adr: Read an ADV data file

read.adv.sontek.serial: Read an ADV data file

read.adv.sontek.text: Read an ADV data file

read.amsr: Read an amsr File

read.aquadopp: Read a Nortek Aquadopp File

read.aquadoppHR: Read Nortek Aquadopp-HR File

read.aquadoppProfiler: Read a Nortek Aquadopp-Profiler File

read.argo: Read an Argo Data File

read.bremen: Read a Bremen File

read.cm: Read a CM file

read.coastline: Read a Coastline File

read.coastline.openstreetmap: Read a Coastline File in Openstreetmap Format

read.coastline.shapefile: Read a Coastline File in Shapefile Format

read.ctd: Read a General CTD File

read.ctd.itp: Read an ITP-type CTD File

read.ctd.odf: Read a CTD file in ODF format

read.ctd.sbe: Read a Seabird CTD File

read.ctd.woce: Read a WOCE-type CTD file with First Word "CTD"

read.ctd.woce.other: Read a WOCE-type CTD file with First Word "EXPOCODE"

read.echosounder: Read an Echosounder File

read.g1sst: Read a G1SST file

read.gps: Read a GPS File

read.index: Read a NOAA ocean index file

read.landsat: Read a landsat File Directory

read.lisst: Read a LISST File

read.lobo: Read a LOBO File

read.met: Read a Met File

read.netcdf: Read a NetCDF File

read.oce: Read an Oceanographic Data File

read.odf: Read an ODF file

read.rsk: Read a Rsk file

read.sealevel: Read a Sealevel File

read.section: Read a Section File

read.topo: Read a Topo File

renameData: Rename items in the data slot of an oce object

rescale: Rescale values to lie in a given range

resizableLabel: Provide axis names in adjustable sizes

retime: Adjust the time within Oce object

rsk: Sample Rsk Dataset

rsk2ctd: Create a ctd Object from an rsk Object

rsk-class: Class to Store Rsk Data

rskPatm: Estimate Atmospheric Pressure in Rsk Object

rskToc: Decode table-of-contents File from a Rsk File

runlm: Calculate running linear models

satellite-class: Class to hold satellite data

sealevel: Sealevel data for Halifax Harbour

sealevel-class: Class to Store Sealevel Data

sealevelTuktoyaktuk: Sea-level data set acquired in 1975 at Tuktoyaktuk

secondsToCtime: Time interval as colon-separated string

section: Hydrographic section

sectionAddStation: Add a CTD Station to a Section

section-class: Class to Store Hydrographic Section Data

sectionGrid: Grid a Section

sectionSmooth: Smooth a Section

sectionSort: Sort a Section

shiftLongitude: Shift Longitude to Range -180 to 180

showMetadataItem: Show metadata item

siderealTime: Convert a POSIXt time to a sidereal time

standardDepths: Standard Oceanographic Depths

standardizeLongitude: Put longitude in the range from -180 to 180

subset-adp-method: Subset an ADP Object

subset-adv-method: Subset an ADV Object

subset-amsr-method: Subset an amsr Object

subset-argo-method: Subset an Argo Object

subset-cm-method: Subset a CM Object

subset-coastline-method: Subset a Coastline Object

subset-ctd-method: Subset a CTD Object

subset-echosounder-method: Subset an Echosounder Object

subset-lobo-method: Subset a LOBO Object

subset-met-method: Subset a Met Object

subset-oce-method: Subset an oce Object

subset-odf-method: Subset an ODF object

subset-rsk-method: Subset a Rsk Object

subset-sealevel-method: Subset a Sealevel Object

subset-section-method: Subset a Section Object

subset-topo-method: Subset a Topo Object

sub-sub-adp-method: Extract Parts of an ADP Object In addition to the usual...

sub-sub-adv-method: Extract Parts of an ADV Object

sub-sub-amsr-method: Extract Something From an amsr Object

sub-sub-argo-method: Extract Something From an Argo Object

sub-sub-bremen-method: Extract Something From a Bremen Object

sub-sub-cm-method: Extract Something From a CM Object

sub-sub-coastline-method: Extract Something From a Coastline Object

sub-sub-ctd-method: Extract Parts of a CTD Object

sub-sub-echosounder-method: Extract Parts of an Echosounder Object

sub-sub-g1sst-method: Extract Something From a G1SST Object

sub-sub-gps-method: Extract Something From a GPS Object

sub-sub-ladp-method: Extract Something From an ladp Object

sub-sub-landsat-method: Extract Something From a landsat Object

sub-sub-lisst-method: Extract Something From a LISST Object

sub-sub-lobo-method: Extract Something From a LOBO Object

sub-sub-met-method: Extract Something From a Met Object

sub-sub-oce-method: Extract Something From an oce Object

sub-sub-odf-method: Extract Something From an ODF Object

sub-sub-rsk-method: Extract Something From a Rsk Object

sub-sub-sealevel-method: Extract Something From a Sealevel Object

sub-sub-section-method: Extract Something From a Section Object

sub-subset-adp-method: Replace Parts of an ADP Object

sub-subset-adv-method: Replace Parts of an ADV Object

sub-subset-amsr-method: Replace Parts of an AMSR Object

sub-subset-argo-method: Replace Parts of an Argo Object

sub-subset-bremen-method: Replace Parts of a Bremen Object

sub-subset-cm-method: Replace Parts of a CM Object

sub-subset-coastline-method: Replace Parts of a Coastline Object

sub-subset-ctd-method: Replace Parts of a CTD Object

sub-subset-echosounder-method: Replace Parts of an Echosounder Object

sub-subset-g1sst-method: Replace Parts of a G1SST Object

sub-subset-gps-method: Replace Parts of a GPS Object

sub-subset-lisst-method: Replace Parts of a LISST Object

sub-subset-lobo-method: Replace Parts of a LOBO Object

sub-subset-met-method: Replace Parts of a Met Object

sub-subset-oce-method: Replace Parts of an Oce Object

sub-subset-odf-method: Replace Parts of an ODF Object

sub-subset-rsk-method: Replace Parts of a Rsk Object

sub-subset-sealevel-method: Replace Parts of a Sealevel Object

sub-subset-section-method: Replace Parts of a Section Object

sub-subset-tidem-method: Replace Parts of a Tidem Object

sub-subset-topo-method: Replace Parts of a Topo Object

sub-subset-windrose-method: Replace Parts of a Windrose Object

sub-sub-tidem-method: Extract Something From a Tidem Object

sub-sub-topo-method: Extract Something From a Topo Object

sub-sub-windrose-method: Extract Something From a Windrose Object

subtractBottomVelocity: Subtract Bottom Velocity from ADP

summary-adp-method: Summarize an ADP Object

summary-adv-method: Summarize an ADV object

summary-amsr-method: Summarize an AMSR Object

summary-argo-method: Summarize an Argo Object

summary-bremen-method: Summarize a Bremen Object

summary-cm-method: Summarize a CM Object

summary-coastline-method: Summarize a Coastline Object

summary-ctd-method: Summarize a CTD Object

summary-echosounder-method: Summarize an Echosounder Object

summary-gps-method: Summarize a GPS Object

summary-ladp-method: Summarize an ladp object

summary-landsat-method: Summarize a landsat Object

summary-lisst-method: Summarize a LISST Object

summary-lobo-method: Summarize a LOBO Object

summary-met-method: Summarize a Met Object

summary-oce-method: Summarize an oce Object

summary-odf-method: Summarize an ODF Object

summary-rsk-method: Summarize a Rsk Object

summary-satellite-method: Summarize a satellite object

summary-sealevel-method: Summarize a Sealevel Object

summary-section-method: Summarize a Section Object

summary-tidem-method: Summarize a Tidem Object

summary-topo-method: Summarize A Topo Object

summary-windrose-method: Summarize a 'windrose' object

sunAngle: Solar Angle as Function of Space and Time

swAbsoluteSalinity: Seawater absolute salinity, in GSW formulation

swAlpha: Seawater thermal expansion coefficient

swAlphaOverBeta: Ratio of seawater thermal expansion coefficient to haline...

swBeta: Seawater haline contraction coefficient

swConservativeTemperature: Seawater conservative temperature, in GSW formulation

swCSTp: Electrical conductivity ratio from salinity, temperature and...

swDepth: Water depth

swDynamicHeight: Dynamic height of seawater profile

swLapseRate: Seawater lapse rate

swN2: Squared buoyancy frequency for seawater

swPressure: Water pressure

swRho: Seawater density

swRrho: Density ratio

swSCTp: Salinity from electrical conductivity, temperature and...

swSigma: Seawater density anomaly

swSigma0: Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to surface...

swSigma1: Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to 1000db...

swSigma2: Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to 2000db...

swSigma3: Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to 3000db...

swSigma4: Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to 4000db...

swSigmaT: Seawater quasi-potential density anomaly

swSigmaTheta: Seawater potential density anomaly

swSoundAbsorption: Seawater sound absorption in dB/m

swSoundSpeed: Seawater sound speed

swSpecificHeat: Seawater specific heat Source=...

swSpice: Seawater spiciness

swSTrho: Seawater salinity from temperature and density

swTFreeze: Seawater freezing temperature

swThermalConductivity: Seawater thermal conductivity

swTheta: Seawater potential temperature

swTSrho: Seawater temperature from salinity and density

swViscosity: Seawater viscosity

swZ: Vertical coordinate

T68fromT90: Convert from ITS-90 to IPTS-68 temperature

T90fromT48: Convert from ITS-48 to ITS-90 temperature

T90fromT68: Convert from IPTS-68 to ITS-90 temperature

tail.oce: Extract the End of an Oce Object

threenum: Calculate min, mean, and max values

tidedata: Tidal Constituent Information

tidem: Fit a Tidem (Tidal Model) to a Timeseries

tidemAstron: Astronomical Calculations for Tidem

tidem-class: Class to Store Tidal Models

tidemVuf: Nodal Modulation Calculations for Tidem

titleCase: Capitalize first letter of each of a vector of words

toEnu: Rotate acoustic-Doppler data to the enu coordinate system

toEnuAdp: Convert an ADP Object to ENU Coordinates

toEnuAdv: Convert an ADV Object to ENU Coordinates

topo-class: Class to Store Topographic Data

topoInterpolate: Interpolate Within a Topo Object

topoWorld: Global Topographic Dataset at Half-degree Resolution

trimString: Remove leading and trailing whitespace from strings

unabbreviateYear: Determine year from various abbreviations

undriftTime: Correct for drift in instrument clock

unduplicateNames: Rename duplicated items (used in reading CTD files)

ungrid: Extract (x, y, z) from (x, y, grid)

unitFromString: Decode units, from strings

unitFromStringRsk: Infer Rsk units from a vector of strings

unwrapAngle: Unwrap an angle that suffers modulo-360 problems

useHeading: Replace the Heading for One Instrument With That of Another

utm2lonlat: Convert UTM to Longitude and Latitude

vectorShow: Show some values from a vector

velocityStatistics: Report Statistics of adp or adv Velocities

webtide: Get a Tidal Prediction from a WebTide Database

wind: Wind dataset

window.oce: Window an Oce Object by Time or Distance

windrose-class: Class to Store Windrose Data

woceNames2oceNames: Translate WOCE Data Names to Oce Data Names

write.ctd: Write a CTD Data Object as a CSV File

xyzToEnu: Convert acoustic-Doppler data from xyz coordinates to enu...

xyzToEnuAdp: Convert ADP From XYZ to ENU Coordinates

xyzToEnuAdv: Convert an ADP from XYZ to ENU Coordinates


abbreviateTimeLabels Man page
addColumn Man page
adp Man page
adp-class Man page
[[<-,adp-method Man page
[[,adp-method Man page
adv Man page
adv-class Man page
[[<-,adv-method Man page
[[,adv-method Man page
airRho Man page
amsr-class Man page
[[<-,amsr-method Man page
[[,amsr-method Man page
angleRemap Man page
applyMagneticDeclination Man page
approx3d Man page
argo Man page
argo-class Man page
argoGrid Man page
[[<-,argo-method Man page
[[,argo-method Man page
argShow Man page
as.adp Man page
as.argo Man page
as.cm Man page
as.coastline Man page
as.ctd Man page
as.echosounder Man page
as.gps Man page
as.ladp Man page
as.lisst Man page
as.lobo Man page
as.met Man page
as.oce Man page
as.rsk Man page
as.sealevel Man page
as.section Man page
as.topo Man page
as.unit Man page
as.windrose Man page
bcdToInteger Man page
beamName Man page
beamToXyz Man page
beamToXyzAdp Man page
beamToXyzAdv Man page
beamUnspreadAdp Man page
binApply1D Man page
binApply2D Man page
binAverage Man page
binCount1D Man page
binCount2D Man page
binmapAdp Man page
binMean1D Man page
binMean2D Man page
bound125 Man page
bremen-class Man page
[[<-,bremen-method Man page
[[,bremen-method Man page
byteToBinary Man page
cm Man page
cm-class Man page
[[<-,cm-method Man page
[[,cm-method Man page
cnvName2oceName Man page
coastlineBest Man page
coastline-class Man page
coastlineCut Man page
[[<-,coastline-method Man page
[[,coastline-method Man page
coastlineWorld Man page
colormap Man page
colors Man page
composite Man page
composite,amsr-method Man page
composite,list-method Man page
coriolis Man page
ctd Man page
ctdAddColumn Man page
ctd-class Man page
ctdDecimate Man page
ctdFindProfiles Man page
[[<-,ctd-method Man page
[[,ctd-method Man page
ctdRaw Man page
ctdTrim Man page
ctdUpdateHeader Man page
ctimeToSeconds Man page
curl Man page
dataLabel Man page
decimate Man page
decodeDataNames Man page
decodeDataNamesArgo Man page
decodeHeaderNortek Man page
decodeTime Man page
despike Man page
detrend Man page
download.amsr Man page
download.coastline Man page
download.topo Man page
drawDirectionField Man page
drawIsopycnals Man page
drawPalette Man page
echosounder Man page
echosounder-class Man page
[[<-,echosounder-method Man page
[[,echosounder-method Man page
eclipticalToEquatorial Man page
enuToOther Man page
enuToOtherAdp Man page
enuToOtherAdv Man page
equatorialToLocalHorizontal Man page
errorbars Man page
fillGap Man page
findBottom Man page
findInOrdered Man page
firstFinite Man page
formatCI Man page
formatPosition Man page
fullFilename Man page
g1sst-class Man page
[[<-,g1sst-method Man page
[[,g1sst-method Man page
geodDist Man page
geodGc Man page
geodXy Man page
geodXyInverse Man page
GMTOffsetFromTz Man page
gps-class Man page
[[<-,gps-method Man page
[[,gps-method Man page
grad Man page
gravity Man page
handleFlags Man page
handleFlags,argo-method Man page
handleFlags,ctd-method Man page
handleFlags,section-method Man page
handleFlags,vector-method Man page
head.oce Man page
imagep Man page
integerToAscii Man page
integrateTrapezoid Man page
interpBarnes Man page
julianCenturyAnomaly Man page
julianDay Man page
ladp-class Man page
[[,ladp-method Man page
landsat Man page
landsatAdd Man page
landsat-class Man page
[[,landsat-method Man page
landsatTrim Man page
latFormat Man page
latlonFormat Man page
lisst Man page
lisst-class Man page
[[<-,lisst-method Man page
[[,lisst-method Man page
lobo Man page
lobo-class Man page
[[<-,lobo-method Man page
[[,lobo-method Man page
lonFormat Man page
lonlat2map Man page
lonlat2utm Man page
lookWithin Man page
magneticField Man page
makeFilter Man page
makeSection Man page
map2lonlat Man page
mapArrows Man page
mapAxis Man page
mapContour Man page
mapDirectionField Man page
mapGrid Man page
mapImage Man page
mapLines Man page
mapLocator Man page
mapLongitudeLatitudeXY Man page
mapMeridians Man page
mapPlot Man page
mapPoints Man page
mapPolygon Man page
mapScalebar Man page
mapText Man page
mapTissot Man page
mapZones Man page
matchBytes Man page
matrixShiftLongitude Man page
matrixSmooth Man page
met Man page
met-class Man page
[[<-,met-method Man page
[[,met-method Man page
moonAngle Man page
numberAsHMS Man page
numberAsPOSIXct Man page
oce Man page
oce.approx Man page
oceApprox Man page
oce.as.POSIXlt Man page
oce.as.raw Man page
oce.axis.POSIXct Man page
oce-class Man page
oce.colors Man page
oceColors Man page
oce.colors9A Man page
oceColors9A Man page
oce.colors9B Man page
oceColors9B Man page
oce.colorsCDOM Man page
oceColorsCDOM Man page
oce.colorsChlorophyll Man page
oceColorsChlorophyll Man page
oce.colorsDensity Man page
oceColorsDensity Man page
oce.colorsFreesurface Man page
oceColorsFreesurface Man page
oce.colors.gebco Man page
oce.colorsGebco Man page
oceColorsGebco Man page
oce.colorsJet Man page
oceColorsJet Man page
oce.colorsOxygen Man page
oceColorsOxygen Man page
oce.colorsPalette Man page
oceColorsPalette Man page
oce.colorsPAR Man page
oceColorsPAR Man page
oce.colorsPhase Man page
oceColorsPhase Man page
oce.colorsSalinity Man page
oceColorsSalinity Man page
oce.colorsTemperature Man page
oceColorsTemperature Man page
oce.colorsTurbidity Man page
oceColorsTurbidity Man page
oce.colorsTwo Man page
oceColorsTwo Man page
oce.colorsVelocity Man page
oceColorsVelocity Man page
oce.colorsViridis Man page
oceColorsViridis Man page
oce.colorsVorticity Man page
oceColorsVorticity Man page
oce.contour Man page
oceContour Man page
oce.convolve Man page
oceConvolve Man page
oceCRS Man page
oce.debug Man page
oceDebug Man page
oce-defunct Man page
oceDeleteData Man page
oceDeleteMetadata Man page
oce-deprecated Man page
oce.edit Man page
oceEdit Man page
oce.filter Man page
oceFilter Man page
oceGetData Man page
oceGetMetadata Man page
oce.grid Man page
oce.magic Man page
oceMagic Man page
[[<-,oce-method Man page
[[,oce-method Man page
oce-package Man page
oce.plot.ts Man page
oce.pmatch Man page
ocePmatch Man page
oceSetData Man page
oceSetMetadata Man page
oce.smooth Man page
oceSmooth Man page
oce.spectrum Man page
oceSpectrum Man page
oce.write.table Man page
ODF2oce Man page
odf-class Man page
[[<-,odf-method Man page
[[,odf-method Man page
ODFNames2oceNames Man page
parseLatLon Man page
plot,adp-method Man page
plot,adv-method Man page
plot,amsr-method Man page
plot,argo-method Man page
plot,bremen-method Man page
plot,cm-method Man page
plot,coastline-method Man page
plot,ctd-method Man page
plot,echosounder-method Man page
plot,gps-method Man page
plotInset Man page
plot,ladp-method Man page
plot,landsat-method Man page
plot,lisst-method Man page
plot,lobo-method Man page
plot,met-method Man page
plot,oce-method Man page
plot,odf-method Man page
plotPolar Man page
plotProfile Man page
plot,rsk-method Man page
plot,satellite-method Man page
plotScan Man page
plot,sealevel-method Man page
plot,section-method Man page
plotSticks Man page
plotTaylor Man page
plot,tidem-method Man page
plot,topo-method Man page
plotTS Man page
plot,windrose-method Man page
predict.tidem Man page
prettyPosition Man page
processingLog<- Man page
processingLogAppend Man page
processingLogItem Man page
processingLogShow Man page
pwelch Man page
rangeExtended Man page
rangeLimit Man page
read.adp Man page
read.adp.nortek Man page
read.adp.rdi Man page
read.adp.sontek Man page
read.adp.sontek.serial Man page
read.adv Man page
read.adv.nortek Man page
read.adv.sontek.adr Man page
read.adv.sontek.serial Man page
read.adv.sontek.text Man page
read.amsr Man page
read.aquadopp Man page
read.aquadoppHR Man page
read.aquadoppProfiler Man page
read.argo Man page
read.bremen Man page
read.cm Man page
read.coastline Man page
read.coastline.openstreetmap Man page
read.coastline.shapefile Man page
read.ctd Man page
read.ctd.itp Man page
read.ctd.odf Man page
read.ctd.sbe Man page
read.ctd.woce Man page
read.ctd.woce.other Man page
read.echosounder Man page
read.g1sst Man page
read.gps Man page
read.index Man page
read.landsat Man page
read.lisst Man page
read.lobo Man page
read.met Man page
read.netcdf Man page
read.oce Man page
read.odf Man page
read.rsk Man page
read.sealevel Man page
read.section Man page
read.topo Man page
renameData Man page
rescale Man page
resizableLabel Man page
retime Man page
rsk Man page
rsk2ctd Man page
rsk-class Man page
[[<-,rsk-method Man page
[[,rsk-method Man page
rskPatm Man page
rskToc Man page
runlm Man page
satellite-class Man page
sealevel Man page
sealevel-class Man page
[[<-,sealevel-method Man page
[[,sealevel-method Man page
sealevelTuktoyaktuk Man page
secondsToCtime Man page
section Man page
sectionAddCtd Man page
sectionAddStation Man page
section-class Man page
sectionGrid Man page
[[<-,section-method Man page
[[,section-method Man page
sectionSmooth Man page
sectionSort Man page
shiftLongitude Man page
showMetadataItem Man page
siderealTime Man page
standardDepths Man page
standardizeLongitude Man page
subset,adp-method Man page
subset,adv-method Man page
subset,amsr-method Man page
subset,argo-method Man page
subset,cm-method Man page
subset,coastline-method Man page
subset,ctd-method Man page
subset,echosounder-method Man page
subset,lobo-method Man page
subset,met-method Man page
subset,oce-method Man page
subset,odf-method Man page
subset,rsk-method Man page
subset,sealevel-method Man page
subset,section-method Man page
subset,topo-method Man page
subtractBottomVelocity Man page
summary.adp Man page
summary,adp-method Man page
summary,adp,missing-method Man page
summary,adv-method Man page
summary,amsr-method Man page
summary,argo-method Man page
summary,bremen-method Man page
summary,cm-method Man page
summary,coastline-method Man page
summary,ctd-method Man page
summary,echosounder-method Man page
summary,gps-method Man page
summary,ladp-method Man page
summary,landsat-method Man page
summary,lisst-method Man page
summary,lobo-method Man page
summary,met-method Man page
summary,oce-method Man page
summary,odf-method Man page
summary,rsk-method Man page
summary,satellite-method Man page
summary,sealevel-method Man page
summary,section-method Man page
summary,tidem-method Man page
summary,topo-method Man page
summary,windrose-method Man page
sunAngle Man page
swAbsoluteSalinity Man page
swAlpha Man page
swAlphaOverBeta Man page
swBeta Man page
swConservativeTemperature Man page
swCSTp Man page
swDepth Man page
swDynamicHeight Man page
swLapseRate Man page
swN2 Man page
swPressure Man page
swRho Man page
swRrho Man page
swSCTp Man page
swSigma Man page
swSigma0 Man page
swSigma1 Man page
swSigma2 Man page
swSigma3 Man page
swSigma4 Man page
swSigmaT Man page
swSigmaTheta Man page
swSoundAbsorption Man page
swSoundSpeed Man page
swSpecificHeat Man page
swSpice Man page
swSTrho Man page
swTFreeze Man page
swThermalConductivity Man page
swTheta Man page
swTSrho Man page
swViscosity Man page
swZ Man page
T68fromT90 Man page
T90fromT48 Man page
T90fromT68 Man page
tail.oce Man page
threenum Man page
tidedata Man page
tidem Man page
tidemAstron Man page
tidem-class Man page
[[<-,tidem-method Man page
[[,tidem-method Man page
tidemVuf Man page
titleCase Man page
toEnu Man page
toEnuAdp Man page
toEnuAdv Man page
topo-class Man page
topoInterpolate Man page
[[<-,topo-method Man page
[[,topo-method Man page
topoWorld Man page
trimString Man page
unabbreviateYear Man page
undriftTime Man page
unduplicateNames Man page
ungrid Man page
unitFromString Man page
unitFromStringRsk Man page
unwrapAngle Man page
useHeading Man page
utm2lonlat Man page
vectorShow Man page
velocityStatistics Man page
webtide Man page
wind Man page
window.oce Man page
windrose-class Man page
[[<-,windrose-method Man page
[[,windrose-method Man page
woceNames2oceNames Man page
write.ctd Man page
xyzToEnu Man page
xyzToEnuAdp Man page
xyzToEnuAdv Man page


oce/R/adp.rdi.R oce/R/ladp.R oce/R/lisst.R oce/R/sw.R oce/R/geod.R oce/R/spectral.R oce/R/cm.R oce/R/ad.R oce/R/sealevel.R oce/R/accessors.R oce/R/ctd.itp.R oce/R/adv.R oce/R/colors.R oce/R/tidem.R oce/R/lobo.R oce/R/AllClass.R oce/R/odf.R oce/R/adv.nortek.R oce/R/oce.R oce/R/bremen.R oce/R/adp.sontek.R oce/R/map.R oce/R/ctd.R oce/R/index.R oce/R/ctd.woce.R oce/R/imagep.R oce/R/rsk.R oce/R/run.R oce/R/ctd.sbe.R oce/R/coastline.R oce/R/windrose.R oce/R/section.R oce/R/units.R oce/R/argo.R oce/R/air.R oce/R/satellite.R oce/R/adp.R oce/R/gps.R oce/R/amsr.R oce/R/g1sst.R oce/R/topo.R oce/R/adv.sontek.R oce/R/misc.R oce/R/processingLog.R oce/R/met.R oce/R/moon.R oce/R/landsat.R oce/R/echosounder.R oce/R/ctd.odf.R oce/R/zzz.R oce/R/sun.R oce/R/adp.nortek.R
oce/man/decodeDataNamesArgo.Rd oce/man/summary-windrose-method.Rd oce/man/swDepth.Rd oce/man/firstFinite.Rd oce/man/argShow.Rd oce/man/read.g1sst.Rd oce/man/rangeExtended.Rd oce/man/plot-ladp-method.Rd oce/man/cm.Rd oce/man/matrixSmooth.Rd oce/man/swN2.Rd oce/man/magneticField.Rd oce/man/plot-lobo-method.Rd oce/man/runlm.Rd oce/man/unduplicateNames.Rd oce/man/ctdUpdateHeader.Rd oce/man/subset-amsr-method.Rd oce/man/oceSpectrum.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-argo-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-sealevel-method.Rd oce/man/adv.Rd oce/man/plot-adp-method.Rd
oce/man/subset-coastline-method.Rd oce/man/oce.as.raw.Rd oce/man/matchBytes.Rd oce/man/swSigmaT.Rd oce/man/colormap.Rd oce/man/ungrid.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-rsk-method.Rd oce/man/dataLabel.Rd oce/man/decodeTime.Rd oce/man/subset-rsk-method.Rd oce/man/read.adv.nortek.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-lisst-method.Rd oce/man/plot-topo-method.Rd oce/man/pwelch.Rd oce/man/as.topo.Rd oce/man/drawIsopycnals.Rd oce/man/read.coastline.shapefile.Rd oce/man/swSoundSpeed.Rd oce/man/g1sst-class.Rd oce/man/standardDepths.Rd oce/man/toEnu.Rd oce/man/gravity.Rd oce/man/angleRemap.Rd oce/man/standardizeLongitude.Rd oce/man/oce.Rd oce/man/swSpice.Rd oce/man/oceGetMetadata.Rd oce/man/siderealTime.Rd oce/man/argo.Rd oce/man/plot-lisst-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-met-method.Rd oce/man/julianDay.Rd oce/man/windrose-class.Rd oce/man/mapPoints.Rd oce/man/oce.write.table.Rd oce/man/subset-oce-method.Rd oce/man/composite-amsr-method.Rd oce/man/read.index.Rd oce/man/xyzToEnuAdp.Rd oce/man/read.netcdf.Rd oce/man/landsatAdd.Rd oce/man/lisst-class.Rd oce/man/matrixShiftLongitude.Rd oce/man/subset-lobo-method.Rd oce/man/as.oce.Rd oce/man/as.ladp.Rd oce/man/equatorialToLocalHorizontal.Rd oce/man/shiftLongitude.Rd oce/man/read.odf.Rd oce/man/write.ctd.Rd oce/man/plotProfile.Rd oce/man/beamUnspreadAdp.Rd oce/man/read.ctd.odf.Rd oce/man/oceGetData.Rd oce/man/mapScalebar.Rd oce/man/read.oce.Rd oce/man/secondsToCtime.Rd oce/man/echosounder-class.Rd oce/man/subset-adp-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-adv-method.Rd oce/man/oce.as.POSIXlt.Rd oce/man/plotTS.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-cm-method.Rd oce/man/plot-amsr-method.Rd oce/man/numberAsHMS.Rd oce/man/summary-satellite-method.Rd oce/man/binMean2D.Rd oce/man/oceSetData.Rd oce/man/as.section.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-gps-method.Rd oce/man/fillGap.Rd oce/man/plot-adv-method.Rd oce/man/read.adp.sontek.serial.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-coastline-method.Rd oce/man/summary-tidem-method.Rd oce/man/swTheta.Rd oce/man/adv-class.Rd oce/man/sealevelTuktoyaktuk.Rd oce/man/swTSrho.Rd oce/man/imagep.Rd oce/man/ctd-class.Rd oce/man/useHeading.Rd oce/man/as.gps.Rd oce/man/as.unit.Rd oce/man/read.landsat.Rd oce/man/decimate.Rd oce/man/formatPosition.Rd oce/man/oceApprox.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-rsk-method.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-odf-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-oce-method.Rd oce/man/read.adp.nortek.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-bremen-method.Rd oce/man/cm-class.Rd oce/man/plot-sealevel-method.Rd oce/man/swRrho.Rd oce/man/swConservativeTemperature.Rd oce/man/read.rsk.Rd oce/man/plot-cm-method.Rd oce/man/oceDeleteMetadata.Rd oce/man/landsatTrim.Rd oce/man/section-class.Rd oce/man/subset-odf-method.Rd oce/man/read.coastline.Rd oce/man/plot-echosounder-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-g1sst-method.Rd oce/man/read.ctd.woce.other.Rd oce/man/download.coastline.Rd oce/man/binCount1D.Rd oce/man/read.adp.sontek.Rd oce/man/swAlpha.Rd oce/man/unitFromStringRsk.Rd oce/man/subset-echosounder-method.Rd oce/man/ctdTrim.Rd oce/man/adp.Rd oce/man/mapZones.Rd oce/man/latlonFormat.Rd oce/man/as.lisst.Rd oce/man/swLapseRate.Rd oce/man/composite.Rd oce/man/decodeDataNames.Rd oce/man/read.coastline.openstreetmap.Rd oce/man/rsk-class.Rd oce/man/oce.grid.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-adp-method.Rd oce/man/tail.oce.Rd oce/man/summary-adp-method.Rd oce/man/tidedata.Rd oce/man/coastlineBest.Rd oce/man/moonAngle.Rd oce/man/read.aquadoppHR.Rd oce/man/geodDist.Rd oce/man/mapPolygon.Rd oce/man/oceEdit.Rd oce/man/read.amsr.Rd oce/man/subset-cm-method.Rd oce/man/summary-echosounder-method.Rd oce/man/swPressure.Rd oce/man/as.adp.Rd oce/man/byteToBinary.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-section-method.Rd oce/man/renameData.Rd oce/man/tidem-class.Rd oce/man/read.aquadoppProfiler.Rd oce/man/summary-odf-method.Rd oce/man/summary-adv-method.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-ladp-method.Rd oce/man/ctdDecimate.Rd oce/man/tidemAstron.Rd oce/man/download.topo.Rd oce/man/plotPolar.Rd oce/man/T90fromT68.Rd oce/man/subset-sealevel-method.Rd oce/man/plot-ctd-method.Rd oce/man/oce.colorsGebco.Rd oce/man/as.ctd.Rd oce/man/parseLatLon.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-bremen-method.Rd oce/man/abbreviateTimeLabels.Rd oce/man/subtractBottomVelocity.Rd oce/man/plot-coastline-method.Rd oce/man/plotSticks.Rd oce/man/handleFlags-section-method.Rd oce/man/plot-satellite-method.Rd oce/man/sealevel.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-topo-method.Rd oce/man/oceCRS.Rd oce/man/mapLongitudeLatitudeXY.Rd oce/man/swSigmaTheta.Rd oce/man/airRho.Rd oce/man/ctimeToSeconds.Rd oce/man/unwrapAngle.Rd oce/man/as.met.Rd oce/man/drawDirectionField.Rd oce/man/read.ctd.itp.Rd oce/man/swSigma0.Rd oce/man/errorbars.Rd oce/man/resizableLabel.Rd oce/man/enuToOtherAdv.Rd oce/man/findInOrdered.Rd oce/man/coastline-class.Rd oce/man/retime.Rd oce/man/swSTrho.Rd oce/man/read.argo.Rd oce/man/landsat-class.Rd oce/man/summary-lisst-method.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-sealevel-method.Rd oce/man/summary-cm-method.Rd oce/man/velocityStatistics.Rd oce/man/sealevel-class.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-amsr-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-ctd-method.Rd oce/man/oceDeleteData.Rd oce/man/T68fromT90.Rd oce/man/composite-list-method.Rd oce/man/adp-class.Rd oce/man/map2lonlat.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-adv-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-lisst-method.Rd oce/man/ODFNames2oceNames.Rd oce/man/summary-ctd-method.Rd oce/man/mapLines.Rd oce/man/as.sealevel.Rd oce/man/summary-sealevel-method.Rd oce/man/binMean1D.Rd oce/man/argo-class.Rd oce/man/toEnuAdv.Rd oce/man/swSpecificHeat.Rd oce/man/bcdToInteger.Rd oce/man/lonlat2utm.Rd oce/man/handleFlags.Rd oce/man/lookWithin.Rd oce/man/integerToAscii.Rd oce/man/swSCTp.Rd oce/man/swViscosity.Rd oce/man/processingLogItem.Rd oce/man/summary-amsr-method.Rd oce/man/binApply2D.Rd oce/man/read.adv.sontek.adr.Rd oce/man/GMTOffsetFromTz.Rd oce/man/fullFilename.Rd oce/man/swRho.Rd oce/man/sunAngle.Rd oce/man/drawPalette.Rd oce/man/summary-met-method.Rd oce/man/binmapAdp.Rd oce/man/summary-oce-method.Rd oce/man/plot-met-method.Rd oce/man/latFormat.Rd oce/man/read.ctd.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-met-method.Rd oce/man/mapPlot.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-echosounder-method.Rd oce/man/detrend.Rd oce/man/oce.contour.Rd oce/man/subset-ctd-method.Rd oce/man/read.bremen.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-topo-method.Rd oce/man/swSigma2.Rd oce/man/read.section.Rd oce/man/coastlineWorld.Rd oce/man/binApply1D.Rd oce/man/makeFilter.Rd oce/man/plot-section-method.Rd oce/man/toEnuAdp.Rd oce/man/amsr-class.Rd oce/man/swAlphaOverBeta.Rd oce/man/plotInset.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-landsat-method.Rd oce/man/processingLogAppend.Rd oce/man/plot-gps-method.Rd oce/man/read.topo.Rd oce/man/oceMagic.Rd oce/man/read.sealevel.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-lobo-method.Rd oce/man/prettyPosition.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-echosounder-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-tidem-method.Rd oce/man/read.echosounder.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-tidem-method.Rd oce/man/plot-tidem-method.Rd oce/man/swSigma3.Rd oce/man/summary-lobo-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-windrose-method.Rd oce/man/predict.tidem.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-section-method.Rd oce/man/swDynamicHeight.Rd oce/man/cnvName2oceName.Rd oce/man/oceDebug.Rd oce/man/despike.Rd oce/man/T90fromT48.Rd oce/man/read.ctd.woce.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-oce-method.Rd oce/man/as.argo.Rd oce/man/swThermalConductivity.Rd oce/man/ODF2oce.Rd oce/man/geodXyInverse.Rd oce/man/swSigma1.Rd oce/man/as.rsk.Rd oce/man/mapArrows.Rd oce/man/summary-landsat-method.Rd oce/man/xyzToEnuAdv.Rd oce/man/met.Rd oce/man/swBeta.Rd oce/man/read.ctd.sbe.Rd oce/man/approx3d.Rd oce/man/oce.colorsTwo.Rd oce/man/ctdFindProfiles.Rd oce/man/rskPatm.Rd oce/man/plot-oce-method.Rd oce/man/ctdRaw.Rd oce/man/summary-ladp-method.Rd oce/man/landsat.Rd oce/man/plotTaylor.Rd oce/man/head.oce.Rd oce/man/showMetadataItem.Rd oce/man/mapImage.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-lobo-method.Rd oce/man/lobo.Rd oce/man/mapContour.Rd oce/man/as.echosounder.Rd oce/man/rescale.Rd oce/man/topoInterpolate.Rd oce/man/subset-met-method.Rd oce/man/mapMeridians.Rd oce/man/unabbreviateYear.Rd oce/man/sectionSort.Rd oce/man/odf-class.Rd oce/man/as.windrose.Rd oce/man/rsk2ctd.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-gps-method.Rd oce/man/julianCenturyAnomaly.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-adp-method.Rd oce/man/plot-argo-method.Rd oce/man/met-class.Rd oce/man/addColumn.Rd oce/man/findBottom.Rd oce/man/mapGrid.Rd oce/man/coastlineCut.Rd oce/man/titleCase.Rd oce/man/oceSetMetadata.Rd oce/man/argoGrid.Rd oce/man/sectionSmooth.Rd oce/man/beamToXyzAdv.Rd oce/man/beamToXyz.Rd oce/man/summary-gps-method.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-windrose-method.Rd oce/man/gps-class.Rd oce/man/oceConvolve.Rd oce/man/vectorShow.Rd oce/man/mapTissot.Rd oce/man/oce.plot.ts.Rd oce/man/subset-argo-method.Rd oce/man/subset-adv-method.Rd oce/man/ctd.Rd oce/man/window.oce.Rd oce/man/sectionAddStation.Rd oce/man/utm2lonlat.Rd oce/man/summary-bremen-method.Rd oce/man/ocePmatch.Rd oce/man/swSoundAbsorption.Rd oce/man/binAverage.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-odf-method.Rd oce/man/rangeLimit.Rd oce/man/handleFlags-argo-method.Rd oce/man/beamName.Rd oce/man/processingLog-set.Rd oce/man/subset-topo-method.Rd oce/man/read.adv.Rd oce/man/summary-topo-method.Rd oce/man/processingLogShow.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-argo-method.Rd oce/man/integrateTrapezoid.Rd oce/man/read.aquadopp.Rd oce/man/swSigma4.Rd oce/man/enuToOtherAdp.Rd oce/man/plot-rsk-method.Rd oce/man/read.lisst.Rd oce/man/swZ.Rd oce/man/binCount2D.Rd oce/man/summary-rsk-method.Rd oce/man/oce-deprecated.Rd oce/man/plot-landsat-method.Rd oce/man/grad.Rd oce/man/coriolis.Rd oce/man/handleFlags-ctd-method.Rd oce/man/geodXy.Rd oce/man/plot-odf-method.Rd oce/man/applyMagneticDeclination.Rd oce/man/formatCI.Rd oce/man/mapAxis.Rd oce/man/handleFlags-vector-method.Rd oce/man/topoWorld.Rd oce/man/trimString.Rd oce/man/eclipticalToEquatorial.Rd oce/man/as.cm.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-amsr-method.Rd oce/man/ctdAddColumn.Rd oce/man/lonlat2map.Rd oce/man/read.lobo.Rd oce/man/satellite-class.Rd oce/man/plot-windrose-method.Rd oce/man/download.amsr.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-cm-method.Rd oce/man/subset-section-method.Rd oce/man/summary-argo-method.Rd oce/man/echosounder.Rd oce/man/numberAsPOSIXct.Rd oce/man/woceNames2oceNames.Rd oce/man/oceSmooth.Rd oce/man/rskToc.Rd oce/man/rsk.Rd oce/man/tidemVuf.Rd oce/man/mapText.Rd oce/man/mapLocator.Rd oce/man/enuToOther.Rd oce/man/undriftTime.Rd oce/man/lobo-class.Rd oce/man/colors.Rd oce/man/read.adp.rdi.Rd oce/man/oce.axis.POSIXct.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-ctd-method.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-g1sst-method.Rd oce/man/lonFormat.Rd oce/man/ladp-class.Rd oce/man/oce-class.Rd oce/man/interpBarnes.Rd oce/man/summary-coastline-method.Rd oce/man/geodGc.Rd oce/man/oceFilter.Rd oce/man/summary-section-method.Rd oce/man/bound125.Rd oce/man/swAbsoluteSalinity.Rd oce/man/read.cm.Rd oce/man/plotScan.Rd oce/man/read.adv.sontek.serial.Rd oce/man/lisst.Rd oce/man/xyzToEnu.Rd oce/man/plot-bremen-method.Rd oce/man/webtide.Rd oce/man/wind.Rd oce/man/beamToXyzAdp.Rd oce/man/read.adp.Rd oce/man/threenum.Rd oce/man/sectionGrid.Rd oce/man/read.met.Rd oce/man/as.lobo.Rd oce/man/as.coastline.Rd oce/man/unitFromString.Rd oce/man/bremen-class.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-coastline-method.Rd oce/man/mapDirectionField.Rd oce/man/swCSTp.Rd oce/man/makeSection.Rd oce/man/read.gps.Rd oce/man/read.adv.sontek.text.Rd oce/man/tidem.Rd oce/man/decodeHeaderNortek.Rd oce/man/swSigma.Rd oce/man/topo-class.Rd oce/man/section.Rd oce/man/swTFreeze.Rd oce/man/curl.Rd

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