oce: Analysis of Oceanographic Data

Supports the analysis of Oceanographic data, including 'ADCP' measurements, measurements made with 'argo' floats, 'CTD' measurements, sectional data, sea-level time series, coastline and topographic data, etc. Provides specialized functions for calculating seawater properties such as potential temperature in either the 'UNESCO' or 'TEOS-10' equation of state. Produces graphical displays that conform to the conventions of the Oceanographic literature.

AuthorDan Kelley [aut, cre], Clark Richards [aut], Chantelle Layton [ctb] (curl() coauthor), British Geological Survey [ctb, cph] (magnetic-field subroutine), Pablo Vald├ęs [ctb] (Spanish translation of messages)
Date of publication2016-11-19 15:36:34
MaintainerDan Kelley <Dan.Kelley@Dal.Ca>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

abbreviateTimeLabels: Abbreviate a vector of times by removing commonalities

addColumn: Add a Column to the Data Slot of an Oce object [deprecated]

adp: ADP (acoustic-doppler profiler) dataset

adp-class: Class to Hold ADP (ADCP) Data

adv: ADV (acoustic-doppler velocimeter) dataset

adv-class: Class to Hold adv Data

airRho: Air density

amsr-class: Class to Hold amsr Data

angleRemap: Convert angles from 0:360 to -180:180

applyMagneticDeclination: Earth magnetic declination

approx3d: Trilinear interpolation in a 3D array

argo: ARGO float dataset

argo-class: Class to hold Argo data

argoGrid: Grid Argo float data

argShow: Show an argument to a function, e.g. for debugging

as.adp: Create an ADP Object

as.argo: Coerce Data Into an Argo Dataset

as.cm: Coerce data into a CM object

as.coastline: Coerce Data into a Coastline Object

as.ctd: Coerce data into CTD object

as.echosounder: Coerce Data into an Echosounder Object

as.gps: Coerce data into a GPS dataset

as.ladp: Coerce data into an ladp object

as.lisst: Coerce Data Into a LISST Object

as.lobo: Coerce Data into a Lobo Object

as.met: Coerce Data into Met Object

as.oce: Coerce Something Into an Oce Object

as.rsk: Coerce Data Into a Rsk Object

as.sealevel: Coerce Data Into a Sealevel Object

as.section: Create a Section

as.topo: Coerce Data into Topo Object

as.unit: Convert a String to a Unit

as.windrose: Create a Windrose Object

bcdToInteger: Decode BCD to integer

beamName: Get names of Acoustic-Doppler Beams

beamToXyz: Change ADV or ADP coordinate systems

beamToXyzAdp: Convert ADP From Beam to XYZ Coordinates

beamToXyzAdv: Convert ADV from Beam to XYZ Coordinates

beamUnspreadAdp: Adjust ADP Signal for Spherical Spreading

binApply1D: Apply a function to vector data

binApply2D: Apply a function to matrix data

binAverage: Bin-average a vector y, based on x values

binCount1D: Bin-count vector data

binCount2D: Bin-count matrix data

binmapAdp: Bin-map an ADP object

binMean1D: Bin-average f=f(x)

binMean2D: Bin-average f=f(x,y)

bound125: Calculate a rounded bound, rounded up to matissa 1, 2, or 5

bremen-class: Class for data stored in a format used at Bremen

byteToBinary: Format bytes as binary

cm: A CM Record

cm-class: Class to Store Current Meter (CM) Data

cnvName2oceName: Infer variable name, units and scale from a Seabird (.cnv)...

coastlineBest: Find the Name of the Best Coastline Object

coastline-class: Class to Store Coastline Data

coastlineCut: Cut a Coastline Object at Specified Longitude

coastlineWorld: World Coastline

colormap: Calculate colour map

colors: Data that define some colour palettes

composite: Create a composite object by averaging across good data

composite-amsr-method: Create a composite of amsr satellite data

composite-list-method: Create a composite object by averaging across good data...

coriolis: Coriolis parameter on rotating earth

ctd: A CTD profile in Halifax Harbour

ctdAddColumn: Add a Column to the Data Slot of a CTD Object [deprecated]

ctd-class: Class to Store CTD (or general hydrographic) Data

ctdDecimate: Decimate a CTD profile

ctdFindProfiles: Find Profiles within a Tow-Yow CTD Record

ctdRaw: Seawater CTD Profile, Without Trimming of Extraneous Data

ctdTrim: Trim Beginning and Ending of a CTD cast

ctdUpdateHeader: Update a CTD Header [deprecated]

ctimeToSeconds: Interpret a character string as a time interval

curl: Curl of 2D vector field

dataLabel: Try to associate data names with units, for use by summary()

decimate: Smooth and Decimate, or Subsample, an Oce Object

decodeDataNames: Try to guess data names from hints found in file headers

decodeDataNamesArgo: Convert Data Names From the Argo Convention to the Oce...

decodeHeaderNortek: Decode a Nortek Header

decodeTime: Oce Version of as.POSIXct

despike: Remove spikes from a time series

detrend: Detrend a set of observations

download.amsr: Download and Cache an amsr File

download.coastline: Download a coastline File

download.topo: Download and Cache a topo File

drawDirectionField: Draw a Direction Field

drawIsopycnals: Add Isopycnal Curves to TS Plot

drawPalette: Draw a palette, leaving margins suitable for accompanying...

echosounder: Echosounder Dataset

echosounder-class: Class to Store Echosounder Data

eclipticalToEquatorial: Convert ecliptical to equatorial coordinate

enuToOther: Rotate acoustic-Doppler data to a new coordinate system

enuToOtherAdp: Convert ADP ENU to Rotated Coordinate

enuToOtherAdv: Convert ENU to Other Coordinate

equatorialToLocalHorizontal: Convert equatorial to local horizontal coordinate

errorbars: Draw error bars on an existing xy diagram

fillGap: Fill a gap in an oce object

findBottom: Find the Ocean Bottom in an Echosounder Object

findInOrdered: Find indices of times in an ordered vector

firstFinite: Get first finite value in a vector or array, or NULL if none

formatCI: Confidence interval in parenthetic notation

formatPosition: Format Geographical Position in Degrees and Minutes

fullFilename: Full name of file, including path

g1sst-class: Class to Hold G1SST Satellite-model Data

geodDist: Compute Geodesic Distance on Surface of Earth

geodGc: Great-circle Segments Between Points on Earth

geodXy: Convert From Geographical to Geodesic Coordinates

geodXyInverse: Inverse Geodesic Calculation

GMTOffsetFromTz: Determine time offset from timezone

gps-class: Class to Store GPS Data

grad: Calculate the grad of a matrix by first differences

gravity: Acceleration due to earth gravity

handleFlags: Handle flags in oce objects

handleFlags-argo-method: Handle Flags in ARGO Objects

handleFlags-ctd-method: Handle Flags in CTD Objects

handleFlags-section-method: Handle flags in Section Objects

handleFlags-vector-method: Signal erroneous application to non-oce objects

head.oce: Extract The Start of an Oce Object

imagep: Plot an Image with a Color Palette

integerToAscii: Decode integer to corresponding ASCII code

integrateTrapezoid: Use trapezoidal integration

interpBarnes: Grid data using Barnes algorithm

julianCenturyAnomaly: Julian-Day number to Julian century

julianDay: Convert a POSIXt time to a Julian day

ladp-class: Class to store lowered-adp data

landsat: Sample landsat Dataset

landsatAdd: Add a Band to a landsat Object

landsat-class: Class to Hold landsat Data

landsatTrim: Trim a landsat Image to a Geographical Region

latFormat: Format a latitude

latlonFormat: Format a latitude-longitude pair

lisst: LISST Dataset

lisst-class: Class to Store LISST Data

lobo: LOBO Dataset

lobo-class: Class to Store LOBO Data

lonFormat: Format a longitude

lonlat2map: Convert Longitude and Latitude to X and Y

lonlat2utm: Convert Longitude and Latitude to UTM

lookWithin: Look Within the First Element of a List for Replacement...

magneticField: Earth magnetic declination, inclination, and intensity

makeFilter: Make a digital filter

makeSection: Make a Section (DEFUNCT)

map2lonlat: Convert X and Y to Longitude and Latitude

mapArrows: Add Arrows to a Map

mapAxis: Add Axis Labels to an Existing Map

mapContour: Add Contours on a Existing map

mapDirectionField: Add a Direction Field to an Existing Map

mapGrid: Add a Longitude and Latitude Grid to a Map

mapImage: Add an Image to a Map

mapLines: Add Lines to a Map

mapLocator: Locate Points on a Map

mapLongitudeLatitudeXY: Convert From Longitude and Latitude to X and Y

mapMeridians: Add Meridians on a Map [deprecated]

mapPlot: Draw a Map

mapPoints: Add Points to a Map

mapPolygon: Add a Polygon to a Map

mapScalebar: Add a Scalebar to a Map

mapText: Add Text to a Map

mapTissot: Add Tissot Indicatrices to a Map

mapZones: Add Zones to a Map [deprecated]

matchBytes: Locate byte sequences in a raw vector

matrixShiftLongitude: Rearrange areal matrix so Greenwich is near the centre

matrixSmooth: Smooth a Matrix

met: Sample Met Object

met-class: Class to Store Meteorological Data

moonAngle: Lunar Angle as Function of Space and Time

numberAsHMS: Convert a Numeric Time to Hour, Minute, and Second

numberAsPOSIXct: Convert a Numeric Time to a POSIXct Time

oce: oce: A Package for Oceanographic Analysis

oceApprox: Interpolate 1D Data with Unesco or Reiniger-Ross Algorithm

oce.as.POSIXlt: Oce Variant of as.POSIXlt

oce.as.raw: Version of as.raw() that clips data

oce.axis.POSIXct: Oce Version of axis.POSIXct

oce-class: Base Class for oce Objects

oce.colorsGebco: Gebco Colors

oce.colorsTwo: Create a Palette of Colours

oce.contour: Oce Variant of contour

oceConvolve: Convolve two time series

oceCRS: Coordinate Reference System strings for some oceans

oceDebug: Print a debugging message

oceDeleteData: Delete data from an 'oce' object

oceDeleteMetadata: Delete metadata from an 'oce' object

oce-deprecated: Deprecated and Defunct Elements of package 'oce'

oceEdit: Edit an Oce Object

oceFilter: Filter a time-series

oceGetData: Get data from an 'oce' object

oceGetMetadata: Get metadata element from an 'oce' object

oce.grid: Add a Grid to an Existing Oce Plot

oceMagic: Find the Type of an Oceanographic Data File

oce.plot.ts: Oce Variant of plot.ts

ocePmatch: Partial matching of strings or numbers

oceSetData: Set something in the 'data' slot of an 'oce' object

oceSetMetadata: Set something in the 'metadata' slot of an 'oce' object

oceSmooth: Smooth an Oce Object

oceSpectrum: Wrapper to give normalized spectrum

oce.write.table: Write the Data Portion of Object to a File

ODF2oce: Create ODF object from the output of 'ODF::read_ODF()'

odf-class: Class to Store ODF data

ODFNames2oceNames: Translate from ODF Names to Oce Names

parseLatLon: Parse a Latitude or Longitude String

plot-adp-method: Plot ADP Data

plot-adv-method: Plot ADV data

plot-amsr-method: Plot an amsr Object

plot-argo-method: Plot Argo Data

plot-bremen-method: Plot a Bremen Object

plot-cm-method: Plot CM data

plot-coastline-method: Plot a Coastline

plot-ctd-method: Plot CTD Data

plot-echosounder-method: Plot Echosounder Data

plot-gps-method: Plot a GPS Object

plotInset: Plot an Inset Diagram

plot-ladp-method: Plot an ladp object

plot-landsat-method: Plot a landsat Object

plot-lisst-method: Plot LISST data

plot-lobo-method: Plot LOBO data

plot-met-method: Plot Met Data

plot-oce-method: Plot an oce Object

plot-odf-method: Plot an ODF Object

plotPolar: Draw a Polar Plot

plotProfile: Plot a CTD Profile

plot-rsk-method: Plot Rsk Data

plot-satellite-method: Plot a satellite object

plotScan: Plot CTD data in a Low-Level Fashion

plot-sealevel-method: Plot Sealevel Data

plot-section-method: Plot a Section

plotSticks: Draw a Stick Plot

plotTaylor: Plot a Model-data Comparison Diagram

plot-tidem-method: Plot a Tidem Prediction

plot-topo-method: Plot a Topo Object

plotTS: Plot Temperature-Salinity Diagram

plot-windrose-method: Plot Windrose data

predict.tidem: Predict a Time Series from a Tidem Tidal Model

prettyPosition: Pretty lat/lon in deg, min, sec

processingLogAppend: Append an item to a processing log

processingLogItem: Create an item that can be inserted into a processing log

processingLog-set: Add an item to a processing log (in place)

processingLogShow: Show the processing log of an 'oce' object

pwelch: Welch periodogram

rangeExtended: Calculate Range, Extended a Little, as is Done for Axes

rangeLimit: Substitute NA for data outside a range

read.adp: Read an ADP File

read.adp.nortek: Read a Nortek ADP File

read.adp.rdi: Read a Teledyne/RDI ADP File

read.adp.sontek: Read a Sontek ADP File

read.adp.sontek.serial: Read a serial Sontek ADP file

read.adv: Read an ADV data file

read.adv.nortek: Read an ADV data file

read.adv.sontek.adr: Read an ADV data file

read.adv.sontek.serial: Read an ADV data file

read.adv.sontek.text: Read an ADV data file

read.amsr: Read an amsr File

read.aquadopp: Read a Nortek Aquadopp File

read.aquadoppHR: Read Nortek Aquadopp-HR File

read.aquadoppProfiler: Read a Nortek Aquadopp-Profiler File

read.argo: Read an Argo Data File

read.bremen: Read a Bremen File

read.cm: Read a CM file

read.coastline: Read a Coastline File

read.coastline.openstreetmap: Read a Coastline File in Openstreetmap Format

read.coastline.shapefile: Read a Coastline File in Shapefile Format

read.ctd: Read a General CTD File

read.ctd.itp: Read an ITP-type CTD File

read.ctd.odf: Read a CTD file in ODF format

read.ctd.sbe: Read a Seabird CTD File

read.ctd.woce: Read a WOCE-type CTD file with First Word "CTD"

read.ctd.woce.other: Read a WOCE-type CTD file with First Word "EXPOCODE"

read.echosounder: Read an Echosounder File

read.g1sst: Read a G1SST file

read.gps: Read a GPS File

read.index: Read a NOAA ocean index file

read.landsat: Read a landsat File Directory

read.lisst: Read a LISST File

read.lobo: Read a LOBO File

read.met: Read a Met File

read.netcdf: Read a NetCDF File

read.oce: Read an Oceanographic Data File

read.odf: Read an ODF file

read.rsk: Read a Rsk file

read.sealevel: Read a Sealevel File

read.section: Read a Section File

read.topo: Read a Topo File

renameData: Rename items in the data slot of an oce object

rescale: Rescale values to lie in a given range

resizableLabel: Provide axis names in adjustable sizes

retime: Adjust the time within Oce object

rsk: Sample Rsk Dataset

rsk2ctd: Create a ctd Object from an rsk Object

rsk-class: Class to Store Rsk Data

rskPatm: Estimate Atmospheric Pressure in Rsk Object

rskToc: Decode table-of-contents File from a Rsk File

runlm: Calculate running linear models

satellite-class: Class to hold satellite data

sealevel: Sealevel data for Halifax Harbour

sealevel-class: Class to Store Sealevel Data

sealevelTuktoyaktuk: Sea-level data set acquired in 1975 at Tuktoyaktuk

secondsToCtime: Time interval as colon-separated string

section: Hydrographic section

sectionAddStation: Add a CTD Station to a Section

section-class: Class to Store Hydrographic Section Data

sectionGrid: Grid a Section

sectionSmooth: Smooth a Section

sectionSort: Sort a Section

shiftLongitude: Shift Longitude to Range -180 to 180

showMetadataItem: Show metadata item

siderealTime: Convert a POSIXt time to a sidereal time

standardDepths: Standard Oceanographic Depths

standardizeLongitude: Put longitude in the range from -180 to 180

subset-adp-method: Subset an ADP Object

subset-adv-method: Subset an ADV Object

subset-amsr-method: Subset an amsr Object

subset-argo-method: Subset an Argo Object

subset-cm-method: Subset a CM Object

subset-coastline-method: Subset a Coastline Object

subset-ctd-method: Subset a CTD Object

subset-echosounder-method: Subset an Echosounder Object

subset-lobo-method: Subset a LOBO Object

subset-met-method: Subset a Met Object

subset-oce-method: Subset an oce Object

subset-odf-method: Subset an ODF object

subset-rsk-method: Subset a Rsk Object

subset-sealevel-method: Subset a Sealevel Object

subset-section-method: Subset a Section Object

subset-topo-method: Subset a Topo Object

sub-sub-adp-method: Extract Parts of an ADP Object In addition to the usual...

sub-sub-adv-method: Extract Parts of an ADV Object

sub-sub-amsr-method: Extract Something From an amsr Object

sub-sub-argo-method: Extract Something From an Argo Object

sub-sub-bremen-method: Extract Something From a Bremen Object

sub-sub-cm-method: Extract Something From a CM Object

sub-sub-coastline-method: Extract Something From a Coastline Object

sub-sub-ctd-method: Extract Parts of a CTD Object

sub-sub-echosounder-method: Extract Parts of an Echosounder Object

sub-sub-g1sst-method: Extract Something From a G1SST Object

sub-sub-gps-method: Extract Something From a GPS Object

sub-sub-ladp-method: Extract Something From an ladp Object

sub-sub-landsat-method: Extract Something From a landsat Object

sub-sub-lisst-method: Extract Something From a LISST Object

sub-sub-lobo-method: Extract Something From a LOBO Object

sub-sub-met-method: Extract Something From a Met Object

sub-sub-oce-method: Extract Something From an oce Object

sub-sub-odf-method: Extract Something From an ODF Object

sub-sub-rsk-method: Extract Something From a Rsk Object

sub-sub-sealevel-method: Extract Something From a Sealevel Object

sub-sub-section-method: Extract Something From a Section Object

sub-subset-adp-method: Replace Parts of an ADP Object

sub-subset-adv-method: Replace Parts of an ADV Object

sub-subset-amsr-method: Replace Parts of an AMSR Object

sub-subset-argo-method: Replace Parts of an Argo Object

sub-subset-bremen-method: Replace Parts of a Bremen Object

sub-subset-cm-method: Replace Parts of a CM Object

sub-subset-coastline-method: Replace Parts of a Coastline Object

sub-subset-ctd-method: Replace Parts of a CTD Object

sub-subset-echosounder-method: Replace Parts of an Echosounder Object

sub-subset-g1sst-method: Replace Parts of a G1SST Object

sub-subset-gps-method: Replace Parts of a GPS Object

sub-subset-lisst-method: Replace Parts of a LISST Object

sub-subset-lobo-method: Replace Parts of a LOBO Object

sub-subset-met-method: Replace Parts of a Met Object

sub-subset-oce-method: Replace Parts of an Oce Object

sub-subset-odf-method: Replace Parts of an ODF Object

sub-subset-rsk-method: Replace Parts of a Rsk Object

sub-subset-sealevel-method: Replace Parts of a Sealevel Object

sub-subset-section-method: Replace Parts of a Section Object

sub-subset-tidem-method: Replace Parts of a Tidem Object

sub-subset-topo-method: Replace Parts of a Topo Object

sub-subset-windrose-method: Replace Parts of a Windrose Object

sub-sub-tidem-method: Extract Something From a Tidem Object

sub-sub-topo-method: Extract Something From a Topo Object

sub-sub-windrose-method: Extract Something From a Windrose Object

subtractBottomVelocity: Subtract Bottom Velocity from ADP

summary-adp-method: Summarize an ADP Object

summary-adv-method: Summarize an ADV object

summary-amsr-method: Summarize an AMSR Object

summary-argo-method: Summarize an Argo Object

summary-bremen-method: Summarize a Bremen Object

summary-cm-method: Summarize a CM Object

summary-coastline-method: Summarize a Coastline Object

summary-ctd-method: Summarize a CTD Object

summary-echosounder-method: Summarize an Echosounder Object

summary-gps-method: Summarize a GPS Object

summary-ladp-method: Summarize an ladp object

summary-landsat-method: Summarize a landsat Object

summary-lisst-method: Summarize a LISST Object

summary-lobo-method: Summarize a LOBO Object

summary-met-method: Summarize a Met Object

summary-oce-method: Summarize an oce Object

summary-odf-method: Summarize an ODF Object

summary-rsk-method: Summarize a Rsk Object

summary-satellite-method: Summarize a satellite object

summary-sealevel-method: Summarize a Sealevel Object

summary-section-method: Summarize a Section Object

summary-tidem-method: Summarize a Tidem Object

summary-topo-method: Summarize A Topo Object

summary-windrose-method: Summarize a 'windrose' object

sunAngle: Solar Angle as Function of Space and Time

swAbsoluteSalinity: Seawater absolute salinity, in GSW formulation

swAlpha: Seawater thermal expansion coefficient

swAlphaOverBeta: Ratio of seawater thermal expansion coefficient to haline...

swBeta: Seawater haline contraction coefficient

swConservativeTemperature: Seawater conservative temperature, in GSW formulation

swCSTp: Electrical conductivity ratio from salinity, temperature and...

swDepth: Water depth

swDynamicHeight: Dynamic height of seawater profile

swLapseRate: Seawater lapse rate

swN2: Squared buoyancy frequency for seawater

swPressure: Water pressure

swRho: Seawater density

swRrho: Density ratio

swSCTp: Salinity from electrical conductivity, temperature and...

swSigma: Seawater density anomaly

swSigma0: Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to surface...

swSigma1: Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to 1000db...

swSigma2: Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to 2000db...

swSigma3: Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to 3000db...

swSigma4: Seawater potential density anomaly referenced to 4000db...

swSigmaT: Seawater quasi-potential density anomaly

swSigmaTheta: Seawater potential density anomaly

swSoundAbsorption: Seawater sound absorption in dB/m

swSoundSpeed: Seawater sound speed

swSpecificHeat: Seawater specific heat Source=...

swSpice: Seawater spiciness

swSTrho: Seawater salinity from temperature and density

swTFreeze: Seawater freezing temperature

swThermalConductivity: Seawater thermal conductivity

swTheta: Seawater potential temperature

swTSrho: Seawater temperature from salinity and density

swViscosity: Seawater viscosity

swZ: Vertical coordinate

T68fromT90: Convert from ITS-90 to IPTS-68 temperature

T90fromT48: Convert from ITS-48 to ITS-90 temperature

T90fromT68: Convert from IPTS-68 to ITS-90 temperature

tail.oce: Extract the End of an Oce Object

threenum: Calculate min, mean, and max values

tidedata: Tidal Constituent Information

tidem: Fit a Tidem (Tidal Model) to a Timeseries

tidemAstron: Astronomical Calculations for Tidem

tidem-class: Class to Store Tidal Models

tidemVuf: Nodal Modulation Calculations for Tidem

titleCase: Capitalize first letter of each of a vector of words

toEnu: Rotate acoustic-Doppler data to the enu coordinate system

toEnuAdp: Convert an ADP Object to ENU Coordinates

toEnuAdv: Convert an ADV Object to ENU Coordinates

topo-class: Class to Store Topographic Data

topoInterpolate: Interpolate Within a Topo Object

topoWorld: Global Topographic Dataset at Half-degree Resolution

trimString: Remove leading and trailing whitespace from strings

unabbreviateYear: Determine year from various abbreviations

undriftTime: Correct for drift in instrument clock

unduplicateNames: Rename duplicated items (used in reading CTD files)

ungrid: Extract (x, y, z) from (x, y, grid)

unitFromString: Decode units, from strings

unitFromStringRsk: Infer Rsk units from a vector of strings

unwrapAngle: Unwrap an angle that suffers modulo-360 problems

useHeading: Replace the Heading for One Instrument With That of Another

utm2lonlat: Convert UTM to Longitude and Latitude

vectorShow: Show some values from a vector

velocityStatistics: Report Statistics of adp or adv Velocities

webtide: Get a Tidal Prediction from a WebTide Database

wind: Wind dataset

window.oce: Window an Oce Object by Time or Distance

windrose-class: Class to Store Windrose Data

woceNames2oceNames: Translate WOCE Data Names to Oce Data Names

write.ctd: Write a CTD Data Object as a CSV File

xyzToEnu: Convert acoustic-Doppler data from xyz coordinates to enu...

xyzToEnuAdp: Convert ADP From XYZ to ENU Coordinates

xyzToEnuAdv: Convert an ADP from XYZ to ENU Coordinates

Files in this package

oce/R/adp.rdi.R oce/R/ladp.R oce/R/lisst.R oce/R/sw.R oce/R/geod.R oce/R/spectral.R oce/R/cm.R oce/R/ad.R oce/R/sealevel.R oce/R/accessors.R oce/R/ctd.itp.R oce/R/adv.R oce/R/colors.R oce/R/tidem.R oce/R/lobo.R oce/R/AllClass.R oce/R/odf.R oce/R/adv.nortek.R oce/R/oce.R oce/R/bremen.R oce/R/adp.sontek.R oce/R/map.R oce/R/ctd.R oce/R/index.R oce/R/ctd.woce.R oce/R/imagep.R oce/R/rsk.R oce/R/run.R oce/R/ctd.sbe.R oce/R/coastline.R oce/R/windrose.R oce/R/section.R oce/R/units.R oce/R/argo.R oce/R/air.R oce/R/satellite.R oce/R/adp.R oce/R/gps.R oce/R/amsr.R oce/R/g1sst.R oce/R/topo.R oce/R/adv.sontek.R oce/R/misc.R oce/R/processingLog.R oce/R/met.R oce/R/moon.R oce/R/landsat.R oce/R/echosounder.R oce/R/ctd.odf.R oce/R/zzz.R oce/R/sun.R oce/R/adp.nortek.R
oce/man/decodeDataNamesArgo.Rd oce/man/summary-windrose-method.Rd oce/man/swDepth.Rd oce/man/firstFinite.Rd oce/man/argShow.Rd oce/man/read.g1sst.Rd oce/man/rangeExtended.Rd oce/man/plot-ladp-method.Rd oce/man/cm.Rd oce/man/matrixSmooth.Rd oce/man/swN2.Rd oce/man/magneticField.Rd oce/man/plot-lobo-method.Rd oce/man/runlm.Rd oce/man/unduplicateNames.Rd oce/man/ctdUpdateHeader.Rd oce/man/subset-amsr-method.Rd oce/man/oceSpectrum.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-argo-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-sealevel-method.Rd oce/man/adv.Rd oce/man/plot-adp-method.Rd
oce/man/subset-coastline-method.Rd oce/man/oce.as.raw.Rd oce/man/matchBytes.Rd oce/man/swSigmaT.Rd oce/man/colormap.Rd oce/man/ungrid.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-rsk-method.Rd oce/man/dataLabel.Rd oce/man/decodeTime.Rd oce/man/subset-rsk-method.Rd oce/man/read.adv.nortek.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-lisst-method.Rd oce/man/plot-topo-method.Rd oce/man/pwelch.Rd oce/man/as.topo.Rd oce/man/drawIsopycnals.Rd oce/man/read.coastline.shapefile.Rd oce/man/swSoundSpeed.Rd oce/man/g1sst-class.Rd oce/man/standardDepths.Rd oce/man/toEnu.Rd oce/man/gravity.Rd oce/man/angleRemap.Rd oce/man/standardizeLongitude.Rd oce/man/oce.Rd oce/man/swSpice.Rd oce/man/oceGetMetadata.Rd oce/man/siderealTime.Rd oce/man/argo.Rd oce/man/plot-lisst-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-met-method.Rd oce/man/julianDay.Rd oce/man/windrose-class.Rd oce/man/mapPoints.Rd oce/man/oce.write.table.Rd oce/man/subset-oce-method.Rd oce/man/composite-amsr-method.Rd oce/man/read.index.Rd oce/man/xyzToEnuAdp.Rd oce/man/read.netcdf.Rd oce/man/landsatAdd.Rd oce/man/lisst-class.Rd oce/man/matrixShiftLongitude.Rd oce/man/subset-lobo-method.Rd oce/man/as.oce.Rd oce/man/as.ladp.Rd oce/man/equatorialToLocalHorizontal.Rd oce/man/shiftLongitude.Rd oce/man/read.odf.Rd oce/man/write.ctd.Rd oce/man/plotProfile.Rd oce/man/beamUnspreadAdp.Rd oce/man/read.ctd.odf.Rd oce/man/oceGetData.Rd oce/man/mapScalebar.Rd oce/man/read.oce.Rd oce/man/secondsToCtime.Rd oce/man/echosounder-class.Rd oce/man/subset-adp-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-adv-method.Rd oce/man/oce.as.POSIXlt.Rd oce/man/plotTS.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-cm-method.Rd oce/man/plot-amsr-method.Rd oce/man/numberAsHMS.Rd oce/man/summary-satellite-method.Rd oce/man/binMean2D.Rd oce/man/oceSetData.Rd oce/man/as.section.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-gps-method.Rd oce/man/fillGap.Rd oce/man/plot-adv-method.Rd oce/man/read.adp.sontek.serial.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-coastline-method.Rd oce/man/summary-tidem-method.Rd oce/man/swTheta.Rd oce/man/adv-class.Rd oce/man/sealevelTuktoyaktuk.Rd oce/man/swTSrho.Rd oce/man/imagep.Rd oce/man/ctd-class.Rd oce/man/useHeading.Rd oce/man/as.gps.Rd oce/man/as.unit.Rd oce/man/read.landsat.Rd oce/man/decimate.Rd oce/man/formatPosition.Rd oce/man/oceApprox.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-rsk-method.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-odf-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-oce-method.Rd oce/man/read.adp.nortek.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-bremen-method.Rd oce/man/cm-class.Rd oce/man/plot-sealevel-method.Rd oce/man/swRrho.Rd oce/man/swConservativeTemperature.Rd oce/man/read.rsk.Rd oce/man/plot-cm-method.Rd oce/man/oceDeleteMetadata.Rd oce/man/landsatTrim.Rd oce/man/section-class.Rd oce/man/subset-odf-method.Rd oce/man/read.coastline.Rd oce/man/plot-echosounder-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-g1sst-method.Rd oce/man/read.ctd.woce.other.Rd oce/man/download.coastline.Rd oce/man/binCount1D.Rd oce/man/read.adp.sontek.Rd oce/man/swAlpha.Rd oce/man/unitFromStringRsk.Rd oce/man/subset-echosounder-method.Rd oce/man/ctdTrim.Rd oce/man/adp.Rd oce/man/mapZones.Rd oce/man/latlonFormat.Rd oce/man/as.lisst.Rd oce/man/swLapseRate.Rd oce/man/composite.Rd oce/man/decodeDataNames.Rd oce/man/read.coastline.openstreetmap.Rd oce/man/rsk-class.Rd oce/man/oce.grid.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-adp-method.Rd oce/man/tail.oce.Rd oce/man/summary-adp-method.Rd oce/man/tidedata.Rd oce/man/coastlineBest.Rd oce/man/moonAngle.Rd oce/man/read.aquadoppHR.Rd oce/man/geodDist.Rd oce/man/mapPolygon.Rd oce/man/oceEdit.Rd oce/man/read.amsr.Rd oce/man/subset-cm-method.Rd oce/man/summary-echosounder-method.Rd oce/man/swPressure.Rd oce/man/as.adp.Rd oce/man/byteToBinary.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-section-method.Rd oce/man/renameData.Rd oce/man/tidem-class.Rd oce/man/read.aquadoppProfiler.Rd oce/man/summary-odf-method.Rd oce/man/summary-adv-method.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-ladp-method.Rd oce/man/ctdDecimate.Rd oce/man/tidemAstron.Rd oce/man/download.topo.Rd oce/man/plotPolar.Rd oce/man/T90fromT68.Rd oce/man/subset-sealevel-method.Rd oce/man/plot-ctd-method.Rd oce/man/oce.colorsGebco.Rd oce/man/as.ctd.Rd oce/man/parseLatLon.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-bremen-method.Rd oce/man/abbreviateTimeLabels.Rd oce/man/subtractBottomVelocity.Rd oce/man/plot-coastline-method.Rd oce/man/plotSticks.Rd oce/man/handleFlags-section-method.Rd oce/man/plot-satellite-method.Rd oce/man/sealevel.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-topo-method.Rd oce/man/oceCRS.Rd oce/man/mapLongitudeLatitudeXY.Rd oce/man/swSigmaTheta.Rd oce/man/airRho.Rd oce/man/ctimeToSeconds.Rd oce/man/unwrapAngle.Rd oce/man/as.met.Rd oce/man/drawDirectionField.Rd oce/man/read.ctd.itp.Rd oce/man/swSigma0.Rd oce/man/errorbars.Rd oce/man/resizableLabel.Rd oce/man/enuToOtherAdv.Rd oce/man/findInOrdered.Rd oce/man/coastline-class.Rd oce/man/retime.Rd oce/man/swSTrho.Rd oce/man/read.argo.Rd oce/man/landsat-class.Rd oce/man/summary-lisst-method.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-sealevel-method.Rd oce/man/summary-cm-method.Rd oce/man/velocityStatistics.Rd oce/man/sealevel-class.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-amsr-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-ctd-method.Rd oce/man/oceDeleteData.Rd oce/man/T68fromT90.Rd oce/man/composite-list-method.Rd oce/man/adp-class.Rd oce/man/map2lonlat.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-adv-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-lisst-method.Rd oce/man/ODFNames2oceNames.Rd oce/man/summary-ctd-method.Rd oce/man/mapLines.Rd oce/man/as.sealevel.Rd oce/man/summary-sealevel-method.Rd oce/man/binMean1D.Rd oce/man/argo-class.Rd oce/man/toEnuAdv.Rd oce/man/swSpecificHeat.Rd oce/man/bcdToInteger.Rd oce/man/lonlat2utm.Rd oce/man/handleFlags.Rd oce/man/lookWithin.Rd oce/man/integerToAscii.Rd oce/man/swSCTp.Rd oce/man/swViscosity.Rd oce/man/processingLogItem.Rd oce/man/summary-amsr-method.Rd oce/man/binApply2D.Rd oce/man/read.adv.sontek.adr.Rd oce/man/GMTOffsetFromTz.Rd oce/man/fullFilename.Rd oce/man/swRho.Rd oce/man/sunAngle.Rd oce/man/drawPalette.Rd oce/man/summary-met-method.Rd oce/man/binmapAdp.Rd oce/man/summary-oce-method.Rd oce/man/plot-met-method.Rd oce/man/latFormat.Rd oce/man/read.ctd.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-met-method.Rd oce/man/mapPlot.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-echosounder-method.Rd oce/man/detrend.Rd oce/man/oce.contour.Rd oce/man/subset-ctd-method.Rd oce/man/read.bremen.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-topo-method.Rd oce/man/swSigma2.Rd oce/man/read.section.Rd oce/man/coastlineWorld.Rd oce/man/binApply1D.Rd oce/man/makeFilter.Rd oce/man/plot-section-method.Rd oce/man/toEnuAdp.Rd oce/man/amsr-class.Rd oce/man/swAlphaOverBeta.Rd oce/man/plotInset.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-landsat-method.Rd oce/man/processingLogAppend.Rd oce/man/plot-gps-method.Rd oce/man/read.topo.Rd oce/man/oceMagic.Rd oce/man/read.sealevel.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-lobo-method.Rd oce/man/prettyPosition.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-echosounder-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-tidem-method.Rd oce/man/read.echosounder.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-tidem-method.Rd oce/man/plot-tidem-method.Rd oce/man/swSigma3.Rd oce/man/summary-lobo-method.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-windrose-method.Rd oce/man/predict.tidem.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-section-method.Rd oce/man/swDynamicHeight.Rd oce/man/cnvName2oceName.Rd oce/man/oceDebug.Rd oce/man/despike.Rd oce/man/T90fromT48.Rd oce/man/read.ctd.woce.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-oce-method.Rd oce/man/as.argo.Rd oce/man/swThermalConductivity.Rd oce/man/ODF2oce.Rd oce/man/geodXyInverse.Rd oce/man/swSigma1.Rd oce/man/as.rsk.Rd oce/man/mapArrows.Rd oce/man/summary-landsat-method.Rd oce/man/xyzToEnuAdv.Rd oce/man/met.Rd oce/man/swBeta.Rd oce/man/read.ctd.sbe.Rd oce/man/approx3d.Rd oce/man/oce.colorsTwo.Rd oce/man/ctdFindProfiles.Rd oce/man/rskPatm.Rd oce/man/plot-oce-method.Rd oce/man/ctdRaw.Rd oce/man/summary-ladp-method.Rd oce/man/landsat.Rd oce/man/plotTaylor.Rd oce/man/head.oce.Rd oce/man/showMetadataItem.Rd oce/man/mapImage.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-lobo-method.Rd oce/man/lobo.Rd oce/man/mapContour.Rd oce/man/as.echosounder.Rd oce/man/rescale.Rd oce/man/topoInterpolate.Rd oce/man/subset-met-method.Rd oce/man/mapMeridians.Rd oce/man/unabbreviateYear.Rd oce/man/sectionSort.Rd oce/man/odf-class.Rd oce/man/as.windrose.Rd oce/man/rsk2ctd.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-gps-method.Rd oce/man/julianCenturyAnomaly.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-adp-method.Rd oce/man/plot-argo-method.Rd oce/man/met-class.Rd oce/man/addColumn.Rd oce/man/findBottom.Rd oce/man/mapGrid.Rd oce/man/coastlineCut.Rd oce/man/titleCase.Rd oce/man/oceSetMetadata.Rd oce/man/argoGrid.Rd oce/man/sectionSmooth.Rd oce/man/beamToXyzAdv.Rd oce/man/beamToXyz.Rd oce/man/summary-gps-method.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-windrose-method.Rd oce/man/gps-class.Rd oce/man/oceConvolve.Rd oce/man/vectorShow.Rd oce/man/mapTissot.Rd oce/man/oce.plot.ts.Rd oce/man/subset-argo-method.Rd oce/man/subset-adv-method.Rd oce/man/ctd.Rd oce/man/window.oce.Rd oce/man/sectionAddStation.Rd oce/man/utm2lonlat.Rd oce/man/summary-bremen-method.Rd oce/man/ocePmatch.Rd oce/man/swSoundAbsorption.Rd oce/man/binAverage.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-odf-method.Rd oce/man/rangeLimit.Rd oce/man/handleFlags-argo-method.Rd oce/man/beamName.Rd oce/man/processingLog-set.Rd oce/man/subset-topo-method.Rd oce/man/read.adv.Rd oce/man/summary-topo-method.Rd oce/man/processingLogShow.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-argo-method.Rd oce/man/integrateTrapezoid.Rd oce/man/read.aquadopp.Rd oce/man/swSigma4.Rd oce/man/enuToOtherAdp.Rd oce/man/plot-rsk-method.Rd oce/man/read.lisst.Rd oce/man/swZ.Rd oce/man/binCount2D.Rd oce/man/summary-rsk-method.Rd oce/man/oce-deprecated.Rd oce/man/plot-landsat-method.Rd oce/man/grad.Rd oce/man/coriolis.Rd oce/man/handleFlags-ctd-method.Rd oce/man/geodXy.Rd oce/man/plot-odf-method.Rd oce/man/applyMagneticDeclination.Rd oce/man/formatCI.Rd oce/man/mapAxis.Rd oce/man/handleFlags-vector-method.Rd oce/man/topoWorld.Rd oce/man/trimString.Rd oce/man/eclipticalToEquatorial.Rd oce/man/as.cm.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-amsr-method.Rd oce/man/ctdAddColumn.Rd oce/man/lonlat2map.Rd oce/man/read.lobo.Rd oce/man/satellite-class.Rd oce/man/plot-windrose-method.Rd oce/man/download.amsr.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-cm-method.Rd oce/man/subset-section-method.Rd oce/man/summary-argo-method.Rd oce/man/echosounder.Rd oce/man/numberAsPOSIXct.Rd oce/man/woceNames2oceNames.Rd oce/man/oceSmooth.Rd oce/man/rskToc.Rd oce/man/rsk.Rd oce/man/tidemVuf.Rd oce/man/mapText.Rd oce/man/mapLocator.Rd oce/man/enuToOther.Rd oce/man/undriftTime.Rd oce/man/lobo-class.Rd oce/man/colors.Rd oce/man/read.adp.rdi.Rd oce/man/oce.axis.POSIXct.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-ctd-method.Rd oce/man/sub-sub-g1sst-method.Rd oce/man/lonFormat.Rd oce/man/ladp-class.Rd oce/man/oce-class.Rd oce/man/interpBarnes.Rd oce/man/summary-coastline-method.Rd oce/man/geodGc.Rd oce/man/oceFilter.Rd oce/man/summary-section-method.Rd oce/man/bound125.Rd oce/man/swAbsoluteSalinity.Rd oce/man/read.cm.Rd oce/man/plotScan.Rd oce/man/read.adv.sontek.serial.Rd oce/man/lisst.Rd oce/man/xyzToEnu.Rd oce/man/plot-bremen-method.Rd oce/man/webtide.Rd oce/man/wind.Rd oce/man/beamToXyzAdp.Rd oce/man/read.adp.Rd oce/man/threenum.Rd oce/man/sectionGrid.Rd oce/man/read.met.Rd oce/man/as.lobo.Rd oce/man/as.coastline.Rd oce/man/unitFromString.Rd oce/man/bremen-class.Rd oce/man/sub-subset-coastline-method.Rd oce/man/mapDirectionField.Rd oce/man/swCSTp.Rd oce/man/makeSection.Rd oce/man/read.gps.Rd oce/man/read.adv.sontek.text.Rd oce/man/tidem.Rd oce/man/decodeHeaderNortek.Rd oce/man/swSigma.Rd oce/man/topo-class.Rd oce/man/section.Rd oce/man/swTFreeze.Rd oce/man/curl.Rd

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