ad2cpCodeToName: Map AD2CP ID Code to oce Name

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Map AD2CP ID Code to oce Name


As explained in Nortek (2022, section 6.1, page 80), AD2CP files use a hexadecimal (in R, "raw") code to indicate the nature of each data chunk, and read.adp.ad2cp() uses the present function as it analyses AD2CP files.


ad2cpCodeToName(code = NULL, prefix = TRUE)



a raw (or corresponding integer) vector indicating the IDs of interest, or NULL to get a summary of possible values.


logical value indicating whether to show the raw value as a prefix (e.g. "0x1c=echosounder" as opposed to "echosounder").


The mapping from code (hex or decimal) to oce name is as follows.

code (raw) code (integer) oce name
---------- -------------- -----------------
0x15 21 burst
0x16 22 average
0x17 23 bottomTrack
0x18 24 interleavedBurst
0x1a 26 burstAltimeterRaw
0x1b 27 DVLBottomTrack
0x1c 28 echosounder
0x1d 29 DVLWaterTrack
0x1e 30 altimeter
0x1f 31 averageAltimeter
0x23 35 echosounderRaw
0xa0 160 text


An indication of the mapping. If code is NULL, this is a data frame. Otherwise, it is a character vector with the relevant mappings, with the raw form of the code linked with the name, as in the example.


Dan Kelley


Nortek AS. “Signature Integration 55|250|500|1000kHz.” Nortek AS, March 31, 2022.

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stopifnot(ad2cpCodeToName(0x15) == "0x15=burst")

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