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Decode an item from a Nortek AD2CP file header (an internal function)


Decode an item from a Nortek AD2CP file header (an internal function)


ad2cpHeaderValue(x, key, item, numeric = TRUE, default)



an adp object that holds AD2CP data.


Character value that identifies a particular line in the file header.


Character value indicating the name of the item sought.


Logical value indicating whether to convert the return value from a string to a numerical value.


Optional value to be used if the item is not found in the header, or if the header is NULL (as in the case of a split-up file that lacks the initial header information)


String or number interpreted from the x[["text"]], or NULL, if the desired item is not found there, or if x is not of the required class and variety.


Dan Kelley

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## Not run: 
if (file.exists("a.ad2cp")) {
    d <- read.oce("a.ad2cp")
    # The examples start with the line in x[["text"]][[1]]; note that in the second
    # example, it would be insuficient to use a key of "BEAMCFGLIST", because that will
    # yield 4 lines, and the function is not designed to handle that.

    # ID,STR=\"Signature1000\",SN=123456
    type <- ad2cpHeaderValue(d, "ID", "STR", numeric=FALSE)
    serialNumber <- ad2cpHeaderValue(d, "ID", "SN")

    # BEAMCFGLIST,BEAM=1,THETA=25.00,PHI=0.00,FREQ=1000,BW=25,BRD=1,HWBEAM=1,ZNOM=60.00
    beam1Angle <- ad2cpHeaderValue(d, "BEAMCFGLIST,BEAM=1", "THETA")
    frequency <- ad2cpHeaderValue(d, "BEAMCFGLIST,BEAM=1", "FREQ", default=NA)

## End(Not run)

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