adpAd2cpFileTrim: Trim an AD2CP File

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Trim an AD2CP File


Create an AD2CP file by copying the first n data chunks (regions starting with 0xa5, etc) of another such file. This can be useful in supplying small sample files for bug reports.


adpAd2cpFileTrim(infile, n = 100L, outfile, debug = getOption("oceDebug"))



name of an AD2CP file.


integer indicating the number of data chunks to keep. The default is to keep 100 chunks, a common choice for sample files.


optional name of the new AD2CP file to be created. If this is not supplied, a default is used, by adding ⁠_trimmed⁠ to the base filename, e.g. if infile is "a.ad2cp" then outfile will be a_trimmed.ad2cp.


an integer value indicating the level of debugging. If this is 1L, then a brief indication is given of the processing steps. If it is > 1L, then information is given about each data chunk, which can yield very extensive output.


adpAd2cpFileTrim() returns the name of the output file, outfile, as provided or constructed.

Sample of Usage

# Can only be run by the developer, since it uses a private file.
f  <- "~/Dropbox/oce_secret_data/ad2cp/byg_trimmed.ad2cp"
if (file.exists(f))
    adpAd2cpFileTrim(f, 100L) # this file is already trimmed to 200 chunks


Dan Kelley

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