orientlib: Orientation Library

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Representations, conversions and display of orientation data.


This package contains methods for working with orientation data, i.e. data from SO(3). The basic abstract class is the orientation; there are several concrete classes (rotmatrix, rotvector, eulerzyx, eulerzxz, quaternion, skewmatrix and skewvector) storing different representations of orientations.

Methods are defined to get the length of a vector of orientations, as well as to extract and replace elements, and to multiply orientations and raise them to real powers.

There are also utility functions rotation.distance, rotation.angle, nearest.orthog, nearest.SO3.

There is a plotting method boat3d to display orientation data in a 3D plot, and a linear modelling function orientlm.

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Plots require either the rgl or scatterplot3d package.


Duncan Murdoch

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