Man pages for paradox
Define and Work with Parameter Spaces for Complex Algorithms

assert_paramAssertions for Params and ParamSets
ConditionDependency Condition
default_valuesExtract Parameter Default Values
DesignDesign of Configurations
DomainDomain: Parameter Range without an Id
generate_design_gridGenerate a Grid Design
generate_design_lhsGenerate a Space-Filling LHS Design
generate_design_randomGenerate a Random Design
generate_design_sobolGenerate a Space-Filling Sobol Sequence Design
NO_DEFExtra data type for "no default value"
paradox-packageparadox: Define and Work with Parameter Spaces for Complex...
ParamParam Class
ParamDblNumerical Parameter
ParamFctFactor Parameter
ParamIntInteger Parameter
ParamLglLogical Parameter
ParamUtyUntyped Parameter
psConstruct a ParamSet using Short Forms
pscCreate a ParamSet Collection
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
SamplerSampler Class
Sampler1DSampler1D Class
Sampler1DCategSampler1DCateg Class
Sampler1DNormalSampler1DNormal Class
Sampler1DRfunSampler1DRfun Class
Sampler1DUnifSampler1DUnif Class
SamplerHierarchicalSamplerHierarchical Class
SamplerJointIndepSamplerJointIndep Class
SamplerUnifSamplerUnif Class
to_tuneIndicate that a Parameter Value should be Tuned
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