API for paradox
Define and Work with Parameter Spaces for Complex Algorithms

Global functions
.onLoad Source code
CondAnyOf Man page
CondEqual Man page
Condition Man page
Design Man page
Domain Man page
NO_DEF Man page
NoDefault Man page
Param Man page
ParamDbl Man page
ParamFct Man page
ParamInt Man page
ParamLgl Man page
ParamSet Man page
ParamSetCollection Man page
ParamUty Man page
Sampler Man page
Sampler1D Man page
Sampler1DCateg Man page
Sampler1DNormal Man page
Sampler1DRfun Man page
Sampler1DUnif Man page
SamplerHierarchical Man page
SamplerJointIndep Man page
SamplerUnif Man page
TuneToken Man page
as.data.table Man page
as.data.table.Param Source code
as.data.table.ParamSet Source code
as_type Source code
assert_id Source code
assert_param Man page Source code
assert_param_set Man page Source code
default_values Man page Source code
default_values.ParamSet Man page Source code
domain Source code
generate_design_grid Man page Source code
generate_design_lhs Man page Source code
generate_design_random Man page Source code
generate_design_sobol Man page Source code
get_r6_constructor Source code
is_nodefault Man page Source code
p_dbl Man page Source code
p_fct Man page Source code
p_int Man page Source code
p_lgl Man page Source code
p_uty Man page Source code
paradox Man page
paradox-package Man page
parse_depends Source code
print.Domain Source code
print.FullTuneToken Source code
print.ObjectTuneToken Source code
print.RangeTuneToken Source code
ps Man page Source code
ps_union Source code
pslike_to_ps Source code
pslike_to_ps.Domain Source code
pslike_to_ps.Param Source code
pslike_to_ps.ParamSet Source code
rd_info.ParamSet Source code
reexports Man page
repr Source code
to_tune Man page Source code
transpose Source code
tunetoken_to_ps Source code
tunetoken_to_ps.FullTuneToken Source code
tunetoken_to_ps.ObjectTuneToken Source code
tunetoken_to_ps.RangeTuneToken Source code
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