get_scores: Get Scores from Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

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Get Scores from Principal Component Analysis (PCA)


get_scores() takes n_items amount of items that load the most (either by loading cutoff or number) on a component, and then computes their average.


get_scores(x, n_items = NULL)



An object returned by principal_components().


Number of required (i.e. non-missing) items to build the sum score. If NULL, the value is chosen to match half of the number of columns in a data frame.


get_scores() takes the results from principal_components() and extracts the variables for each component found by the PCA. Then, for each of these "subscales", row means are calculated (which equals adding up the single items and dividing by the number of items). This results in a sum score for each component from the PCA, which is on the same scale as the original, single items that were used to compute the PCA.


A data frame with subscales, which are average sum scores for all items from each component.


if (require("psych")) {
  pca <- principal_components(mtcars[, 1:7], n = 2, rotation = "varimax")

  # PCA extracted two components

  # assignment of items to each component

  # now we want to have sum scores for each component

  # compare to manually computed sum score for 2nd component, which
  # consists of items "hp" and "qsec"
  (mtcars$hp + mtcars$qsec) / 2

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