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parameters: Extracting, Computing and Exploring the Parameters of Statistical Models using R


parameters' primary goal is to provide utilities for processing the parameters of various statistical models (see here for a list of supported models). Beyond computing p-values, CIs, Bayesian indices and other measures for a wide variety of models, this package implements features like bootstrapping of parameters and models, feature reduction (feature extraction and variable selection), or tools for data reduction like functions to perform cluster, factor or principal component analysis.

Another important goal of the parameters package is to facilitate and streamline the process of reporting results of statistical models, which includes the easy and intuitive calculation of standardized estimates or robust standard errors and p-values. parameters therefor offers a simple and unified syntax to process a large variety of (model) objects from many different packages.

References: Lüdecke et al. (2020) \Sexpr[results=rd]{tools:::Rd_expr_doi("10.21105/joss.02445")}


Maintainer: Daniel Lüdecke (ORCID) (@strengejacke)


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