Man pages for pathmapping
Compute Deviation and Correspondence Between Spatial Paths

ClosestPointFind Closest Point
connectedDetermine whether two nodes are connected.
CostCompute area-based cost
CreateMapCreate a mapping between paths
DistancePointSegmentCompute distance between a point and a segment
evenIs a number even?
GetMinMapGets least-distance mapping among the minimum-area mappings.
InsertIntersectionsInserts points on paths where two paths intersect
IntersectPointFind where point opposite segment intersects segment.
ldistCompute line length
LineMagnitudeCompute line length
linesIntersectChecks whether two line segments intersect.
LinkCostComputes the distance of a particular link between paths
livenodesWhich nodes are legal mappings?
LLbetaCompute Latecki/Lakaemper beta
LLKscoreCompute Latecki/Lakaemper K score
oddIs a number odd?
PathDistCompute Length of a path
pathmapping-internalInternal pathmapping Functions
pathmapping-packageCompute Deviation and Correspondence Between Spatial Paths
PathOverlapCompute the proportion overlap of two paths.
PlotGridPlot the grid associated with a particular mapping problem.
PlotMapPlot the paths and their mapping.
SimplifyPathSimplify a path
SummarizeMappingSummarize the mapping obtained by GetMinMap
surveyorsThe Surveyor's Formula
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