glacier_list_multipart_uploads: This operation lists in-progress multipart uploads for the...

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glacier_list_multipart_uploadsR Documentation

This operation lists in-progress multipart uploads for the specified vault


This operation lists in-progress multipart uploads for the specified vault. An in-progress multipart upload is a multipart upload that has been initiated by an initiate_multipart_upload request, but has not yet been completed or aborted. The list returned in the List Multipart Upload response has no guaranteed order.

See for full documentation.


  marker = NULL,
  limit = NULL



[required] The AccountId value is the AWS account ID of the account that owns the vault. You can either specify an AWS account ID or optionally a single '-' (hyphen), in which case Amazon S3 Glacier uses the AWS account ID associated with the credentials used to sign the request. If you use an account ID, do not include any hyphens ('-') in the ID.


[required] The name of the vault.


An opaque string used for pagination. This value specifies the upload at which the listing of uploads should begin. Get the marker value from a previous List Uploads response. You need only include the marker if you are continuing the pagination of results started in a previous List Uploads request.


Specifies the maximum number of uploads returned in the response body. If this value is not specified, the List Uploads operation returns up to 50 uploads. documentation built on Sept. 12, 2023, 1:23 a.m.