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Add Archigos political leader information to dyad-year and state-year data


add_archigos() allows you to add some information about leaders to dyad-year or state-year data. The function leans on an abbreviated version of the data, which also comes in this package.





a dyad-year data frame (either "directed" or "non-directed") or state-year data frame


The function leans on attributes of the data that are provided by the create_dyadyear() or create_stateyear() function. Make sure that function (or data created by that function) appear at the top of the proverbial pipe.


add_archigos() takes a dyad-year or state-year data frame and adds a few summary variables based off the leader-level data. These include whether there was a leader transition in the state-year (or first/second state in the dyad-year), whether there was an "irregular" leader transition, the number of leaders in the state-year, the unique leader ID for Jan. 1 of the year, and the unique leader ID for Dec. 31 of the year.


Steven V. Miller


Goemans, Henk E., Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, and Giacomo Chiozza. 2009. "Introducing Archigos: A Dataset of Political Leaders" Journal of Peace Research 46(2): 269–83.


# just call `library(tidyverse)` at the top of the your script

cow_ddy %>% add_archigos()

create_stateyears() %>% add_archigos()

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