add_cow_alliance: Add Correlates of War alliance data to a data frame

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Add Correlates of War alliance data to a data frame


add_cow_alliance() allows you to add Correlates of War alliance data to a dyad-year data frame





a dyad-year or leader-dyad-year data frame (either "directed" or "non-directed")


Duplicates in the original directed dyad-year alliance data were pre-processed. Check cow_alliance in the package's data-raw directory on Github for more information.

This function will also work with leader-dyad-years, though users should be careful with leader-level applications of alliance data. Alliance data are primarily communicated yearly, making it possible—even likely—that at least one leader-dyad in a given year is credited with an alliance that was not active in the particular leader-dyad. The Correlates of War's alliance data are not communicated with time measurements more granular than the year. Apply these data to leader-level analyses with that in mind.


add_cow_alliance() takes a dyad-year data frame and adds information about the alliance pledge in that given dyad-year. These include whether there was an alliance with a defense pledge, neutrality pledge, non-aggression pledge, or pledge for consultation in time of crisis (entente).


Steven V. Miller


Gibler, Douglas M. 2009. International Military Alliances, 1648-2008. Congressional Quarterly Press.


# just call `library(tidyverse)` at the top of the your script

cow_ddy %>% add_cow_alliance()

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