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Add Thompson and Dreyer's (2012) strategic rivalry data to dyad-year data frame


add_strategic_rivalries() merges in Thompson and Dreyer's (2012) strategic rivalry data to a dyad-year data frame. The right-bound, as of right now, are bound at 2010.


add_strategic_rivalries(data, across_types = 1)



a dyad-year data frame (either "directed" or "non-directed")


optional, relevant for state-year, takes a value of 1, 2, or 3 to look for whether one of three types fits criteria for ideological, interventionary, positional, spatial rivalry. Defaults to 1.


add_strategic_rivalries() will include some other information derived from the rivalry data that the user may not want (e.g. start year of the rivalry). Feel free to select those out after the fact. Function includes an on-the-fly adjustment for Austria for rivalry #79. In this case, the Austria-Serbia rivalry continues for two years after Austria-Hungary (ccode: 300) became Austria (ccode: 305).

The across_types argument is optional and observed for only state-year calls. It defaults to 1. At the default, the function looks into the rivalry data (in td_rivalries) and focuses on the type1 column. If, say, a state has an ongoing rivalry and it is primarily spatial, it codes that as a spatial rivalry. Assume you input across_types = 2, the function then looks across both the type1 and type2 columns to see if there is a spatial component to the rivalry as either its primary or secondary dimension. If so, it codes that as a 1. across_types must be 1, 2, or 3.


add_strategic_rivalries() takes a dyad-year data frame and adds information about ongoing strategic rivalries. It will also include a simple dummy variable for whether there was an ongoing rivalry in the year or not. For state-year data, it returns the count of ongoing strategic rivalries for the state in the year meeting a certain criteria (i.e. whether the state has an interventionary, ideological, positional, or spatial rivalry in an ongoing year, and how many).


Steven V. Miller


Miller, Steven V. 2019. "Create and Extend Strategic (International) Rivalry Data in R". URL:

Thompson, William R. and David Dreyer. 2012. Handbook of International Rivalries. CQ Press.


# just call `library(tidyverse)` at the top of the your script
cow_ddy %>% add_strategic_rivalries()

# across_types defaults to 1
create_stateyears() %>% add_strategic_rivalries()

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