ccode_democracy: Democracy data for all Correlates of War states

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Democracy data for all Correlates of War states


These are democracy data for all Correlates of War state system members.




A data frame with 16536 observations on the following 5 variables.


the Correlates of War system code


a numeric vector for the year


the Varieties of Democracy "polyarchy" estimate


the the polity2 score from the Polity project


an extension of the Unified Democracy Scores (UDS) estimates, made possibly by the QuickUDS package from Xavier Marquez.


Missing data connote data that are unavailable for various reasons. Either there is no democracy data to code or, in the case of the Polity project, the state system member is outright not evaluated for the variable.

The Polity data are from 2017. The Varieties of Democracy data are version 10. Xavier Marquez' QuickUDS estimates (i.e. extensions of Pemstein et al. (2010)) come from a package Marquez makes available on his Github (


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