create_leaderdays: Create leader-days from leader data

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Create leader-days from leader data


create_leaderdays() allows you to generate leader-day data from leader-level data provided in peacesciencer.


create_leaderdays(system = "archigos", standardize = "none")



a leader system with which to create leader-days. Right now, only "archigos" is supported.


a character vector of length one: "cow", "gw", or "none". If "cow", the function standardizes the leader-days to just those that overlap with state system membership in the Correlates of War state system (see: cow_states). If "gw", the function standardizes the leader-days to just those that overlap with the state system dates of the Gleditsch-Ward date (see: gw_states). If "none", the function returns all leader-days as presented in Archigos (which is nominally denominated in Gleditsch-Ward state system codes, if not necessarily Gleditsch-Ward state system dates). Default is "none".


create_leaderdays(), as of writing, only supports the Archigos data set of leaders. I envision this function being mostly for internal uses. Basically, create_leaderyears() effectively starts by first running a version of create_leaderdays(). So, why not have this function too?


create_leaderdays() takes leader-level data available in peacesciencer and returns a leader-day-level data frame.


Steven V. Miller


Goemans, Henk E., Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, and Giacomo Chiozza. 2009. "Introducing Archigos: A Dataset of Political Leaders" Journal of Peace Research 46(2): 269–83.



create_leaderdays(standardize = "gw")

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