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add_cow_warsR Documentation

Add Correlates of War war data to dyad-year or state-year data frame.


add_cow_wars() allows you to Correlates of War data to a dyad-year or state-year data frame


add_cow_wars(data, type, intratype = "all")



a data frame with appropriate peacesciencer attributes


the type of war you want to add. Options include "inter" or "intra".


the types of armed conflicts the user wants to consider, specified as a character vector. Options include "local issues" and "central control". Applicable only if type is "intra".


Intra-state war data are coerced into true state-year data by first selecting the duplicate state-years on unique onsets, then whichever war was the deadliest. The inter-state war data work functionally the same way.

On intra-state wars: the primary_state is used to identify the government principally fighting the domestic non-state actor over central control over local issues. Internationalized civil wars are included in the data, but not for outside actors that intervene on behalf of the government or rebel group.

Extra-state war functionality is not available right now as I try to figure out the demand for its use.


add_cow_wars() takes a dyad-year or state-year data frame and returns information about wars from either the inter-state or intra-state war data set from the Correlates of War. The function works for state-year data when the user wants information about extra-state wars or intra-state wars. The function works for dyad-year data when the user wants information about inter-state wars.


Steven V. Miller


Dixon, Jeffrey, and Meredith Sarkees. 2016. A Guide to Intra-State Wars: An Examination of Civil Wars, 1816-2014. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Sarkees, Meredith Reid, and Frank Wheldon Wayman. 2010. Resort to War: A Data Guide to Inter-State, Extra-State, Intra-State, and Non-State Wars, 1816-2007. Washington DC: CQ Press.


# just call `library(tidyverse)` at the top of the your script

create_stateyears(system = "cow") %>%
add_cow_wars(type = "intra", intratype = "central control")

create_stateyears(system = "cow") %>%
add_cow_wars(type = "intra", intratype = "local issues")

cow_ddy %>% add_cow_wars(type = "inter")

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