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Validation of Local and Remote Data Tables

all_colsPerform validations on all table columns
all_passedDid all of the validations pass?
col_is_characterDo the columns contain character/string data?
col_is_dateDo the columns contain R 'Date' objects?
col_is_factorDo the columns contain R 'factor' objects?
col_is_integerDo the columns contain integer values?
col_is_logicalDo the columns contain logical values?
col_is_numericDo the columns contain numeric values?
col_is_posixDo the columns contain 'POSIXct' dates?
cols_existDo one or more columns actually exist?
col_vals_betweenAre numerical column data between two specified values?
col_vals_equalAre numerical column data equal to a specific value?
col_vals_gtAre numerical column data greater than a specific value?
col_vals_gteAre numerical column data greater than or equal to a specific...
col_vals_in_setAre column data part of a specific set of values?
col_vals_ltAre numerical column data less than a specific value?
col_vals_lteAre numerical column data less than or equal to a specific...
col_vals_not_betweenAre numerical column data not between two specified values?
col_vals_not_equalAre numerical column data not equal to a specific value?
col_vals_not_in_setAre data not part of a specific set of values?
col_vals_not_nullAre column data not 'NULL'?
col_vals_nullAre column data 'NULL'?
col_vals_regexDo strings in column data match a regex pattern?
create_agentCreate a pointblank agent object
create_creds_fileCreate a file with DB access credentials
create_email_creds_fileCreate a file with email access credentials
db_creds_env_varsBind environment variable names for database access
focus_onPlace certain access details more to the fore
get_html_summaryCreate an HTML summary file for the interrogation
get_interrogation_summaryGet a simple summary of the interrogation
get_row_sample_dataGet non-passing sample rows from a validation step
get_row_sample_infoGet information on sample rows from non-passing validations
get_validation_nameGet the pointblank validation name
interrogateGiven an agent that is fully loaded with tasks, perform an...
is_ptblank_agentIs the object a pointblank agent?
pipePipe operator
print.ptblank_agentPrint the agent to the terminal
rows_not_duplicatedVerify that row data are not duplicated
run_validation_filesProcess multiple validation files
set_email_prefsSet email credentials and enable email reporting
set_slack_prefsSet Slack credentials and enable Slack notifications
varsHelper for targeting a series of row labels or columns
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