Man pages for preproviz
Tools for Visualization of Interdependent Data Quality Issues

AnalysisClass-classAn S4 class representing analysis data
BaseClass-classAn abstract S4 class representing contructed features
computeValuegeneric function for computing constructed feature vectors
constructfeatureconstructor function for adding constructed features to the...
ControlClass-classAn S4 class representing setups to be executed
DataClass-classAn S4 class representing data objects
getcmdsdataget classical multidimensional scaling from minmaxconstructed...
getcombineddataget basedata and constructed data combined
getlongformatconstructeddataget constructed data in long format
getminmaxconstructeddataget contructed data that have been min-max normalized
getnameget name of an object
getnumericombineddataget numeric columns of combined data
getvariableimportancedataget random forest variable importance data
initializecontrolclassobjectconstructor function for intializing a ControlClass object
initializedataobjectconstructor function for initializing a DataClass object
initializeparameterclassobjectconstructor function for intializing a ParameterClass objects
initializesetupclassobjectconstructor function for initializing a SetUpClass object
ParameterClass-classAn S4 class representing selected constructed features
plotCMDSgeneric function for plotting classical multidimensional...
plotDENSITYgeneric function for plotting density estimates of...
plotHEATMAPgeneric function for plotting heatmap
plotLOFSUMgeneric function for plotting lof sum of constructed features
plotOUTLIERSgeneric function for plotting density of LOF scores
plotVARCLUSTgeneric function for plotting variable clusters
plotVARIMPgeneric function for plotting variable importance
preprovizthe MAIN execution function
ReportClass-classAn S4 class representing visualizations
RunClass-classAn S4 class representing preproviz output (data and...
SetUpClass-classAn S4 class representing setups
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