psychotools: Infrastructure for Psychometric Modeling

Infrastructure for psychometric modeling such as data classes (for item response data and paired comparisons), basic model fitting functions (for Bradley-Terry, Rasch, partial credit, rating scale, multinomial processing tree models), extractor functions for different types of parameters (item, person, threshold, discrimination), unified inference and visualizations, and various datasets for illustration. Intended as a common lightweight and efficient toolbox for psychometric modeling and a common building block for fitting psychometric mixture models in package "psychomix" and trees based on psychometric models in package "psychotree".

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AuthorAchim Zeileis [aut, cre], Carolin Strobl [aut], Florian Wickelmaier [aut], Basil Komboz [aut], Julia Kopf [aut]
Date of publication2016-09-09 10:46:54
MaintainerAchim Zeileis <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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Man pages

anchor: Anchor Methods for the Detection of Uniform DIF the Rasch...

anchortest: Anchor methods for the detection of uniform DIF the Rasch...

as.list.itemresp: Coercing Item Response Data

btmodel: Bradley-Terry Model Fitting Function

covariates: Extract/Set Covariates

curveplot: Response Curve Plots for IRT Models

discrpar: Extract Discrimination Parameters of Item Response Models

elementary_symmetric_functions: Calculation of the Elementary Symmetric Functions and Their...

FirstNames: Popularity of First Names

GermanParties2009: Choice among German Political Parties

infoplot: Information Plots for IRT Models

itempar: Extract Item Parameters of Item Response Models

itemresp: Data Structure for Item Response Data

labels: Set Labels

MathExam14W: Mathematics 101 Exam Results

MemoryDeficits: Memory Deficits in Psychiatric Patients

mptmodel: Multinomial Processing Tree (MPT) Model Fitting Function

mscale: Extract/Replace Measurement Scale

PairClustering: Pair Clustering Data in Klauer (2006)

paircomp: Data Structure for Paired Comparisons

pcmodel: Partial Credit Model Fitting Function

personpar: Extract Person Parameters of Item Response Models

piplot: Person-Item Plots for IRT Models

plot.btmodel: Visualizing Bradley-Terry Models

plot.paircomp: Plotting Paired Comparison Data

plot.raschmodel: Visualizing IRT Models

predict.pcmodel: Predict Methods for Item Response Models

print.itemresp: Formatting Item Response Data

print.paircomp: Formatting Paired Comparison Data

profileplot: Profile Plots for IRT Models

raschmodel: Rasch Model Fitting Function

regionplot: Region Plots for IRT Models

rsmodel: Rating Scale Model Fitting Function

SoundQuality: Quality of Multichannel Reproduced Sound

SourceMonitoring: Performance in a Source-Monitoring Experiment

StereotypeThreat: Stereotype Threat in Dutch Differential Aptitude Test

subset.itemresp: Subsetting Item Response Data

subset.paircomp: Subsetting/Reordering Paired Comparison Data

summary.itemresp: Summarizing and Visualizing Item Response Data

threshpar: Extract Threshold Parameters of Item Response Models

VerbalAggression: Situation-Response Questionnaire on Verbal Aggression

worth: Extract Worth Parameters

YouthGratitude: Measuring Gratitude in Youth


anchor Man page
anchor.default Man page
anchor.formula Man page
anchortest Man page
anchortest.default Man page
anchortest.formula Man page
as.character.itemresp Man page
as.character.paircomp Man page Man page Man page
as.double.itemresp Man page
as.double.paircomp Man page
as.integer.itemresp Man page
as.integer.paircomp Man page
as.list.itemresp Man page
as.matrix.itemresp Man page
as.matrix.paircomp Man page
bread.pcmodel Man page
bread.raschmodel Man page
bread.rsmodel Man page
btmodel Man page Man page
c.itemresp Man page
coef.btmodel Man page
coef.discrpar Man page
coef.itempar Man page
coef.mptmodel Man page
coef.pcmodel Man page
coef.personpar Man page
coef.raschmodel Man page
coef.rsmodel Man page
coef.threshpar Man page
covariates Man page
covariates<- Man page
covariates<-.paircomp Man page
covariates.paircomp Man page
c.paircomp Man page
curveplot Man page
deviance.btmodel Man page
deviance.mptmodel Man page
discrpar Man page
discrpar.pcmodel Man page
discrpar.raschmodel Man page
discrpar.rsmodel Man page
elementary_symmetric_functions Man page
estfun.btmodel Man page
estfun.mptmodel Man page
estfun.pcmodel Man page
estfun.raschmodel Man page
estfun.rsmodel Man page
FirstNames Man page
format.itemresp Man page
format.paircomp Man page
GermanParties2009 Man page
infoplot Man page
is.itemresp Man page Man page Man page
itempar Man page
itempar.btmodel Man page
itempar.bttree Man page
itempar.pcmodel Man page
itempar.raschmodel Man page
itempar.raschtree Man page
itempar.rsmodel Man page
itemresp Man page
[.itemresp Man page
labels<- Man page
labels<-.itemresp Man page
labels.itemresp Man page
labels<-.paircomp Man page
labels.paircomp Man page
length.itemresp Man page
length.paircomp Man page
levels.itemresp Man page
logLik.btmodel Man page
logLik.mptmodel Man page
logLik.pcmodel Man page
logLik.raschmodel Man page
logLik.rsmodel Man page
MathExam14W Man page
MemoryDeficits Man page
merge.itemresp Man page
mptmodel Man page
mptspec Man page
mscale Man page
mscale<- Man page
mscale<-.itemresp Man page
mscale.itemresp Man page
mscale<-.paircomp Man page
mscale.paircomp Man page
names<-.itemresp Man page
names.itemresp Man page
names<-.paircomp Man page
names.paircomp Man page
PairClustering Man page
paircomp Man page
[.paircomp Man page
pcmodel Man page Man page
personpar Man page
personpar.pcmodel Man page
personpar.raschmodel Man page
personpar.rsmodel Man page
piplot Man page
plot.btmodel Man page
plot.itemresp Man page
plot.paircomp Man page
plot.pcmodel Man page
plot.raschmodel Man page
plot.rsmodel Man page
predict.mptmodel Man page
predict.pcmodel Man page
predict.raschmodel Man page
predict.rsmodel Man page
print.anchor Man page
print.anchortest Man page
print.btmodel Man page
print.discrpar Man page
print.itempar Man page
print.itemresp Man page
print.mptmodel Man page
print.mptspec Man page
print.paircomp Man page
print.pcmodel Man page
print.personpar Man page
print.raschmodel Man page
print.rsmodel Man page
print.summary.anchor Man page
print.summary.anchortest Man page
print.summary.btmodel Man page
print.summary.mptmodel Man page
print.summary.pcmodel Man page
print.summary.raschmodel Man page
print.summary.rsmodel Man page
print.threshpar Man page
profileplot Man page
raschmodel Man page Man page
regionplot Man page
reorder.paircomp Man page
rep.itemresp Man page
rep.paircomp Man page
rsmodel Man page Man page
SoundQuality Man page
SourceMonitoring Man page
StereotypeThreat Man page
str.itemresp Man page
str.paircomp Man page
subset.itemresp Man page
subset.paircomp Man page
summary.anchor Man page
summary.anchortest Man page
summary.btmodel Man page
summary.itemresp Man page
summary.mptmodel Man page
summary.paircomp Man page
summary.pcmodel Man page
summary.raschmodel Man page
summary.rsmodel Man page
threshpar Man page
threshpar.pcmodel Man page
threshpar.raschmodel Man page
threshpar.rsmodel Man page
update.mptspec Man page
vcov.btmodel Man page
vcov.discrpar Man page
vcov.itempar Man page
vcov.mptmodel Man page
vcov.pcmodel Man page
vcov.personpar Man page
vcov.raschmodel Man page
vcov.rsmodel Man page
VerbalAggression Man page
worth Man page
worth.btmodel Man page
xtfrm.itemresp Man page
xtfrm.paircomp Man page
YouthGratitude Man page

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