Man pages for psychotools
Psychometric Modeling Infrastructure

anchorAnchor Methods for the Detection of Uniform DIF the Rasch...
anchortestAnchor methods for the detection of uniform DIF in the Rasch...
as.list.itemrespCoercing Item Response Data
btmodelBradley-Terry Model Fitting Function
ConspiracistBeliefs2016Generic Conspiracist Beliefs Scale (2016 Data)
covariatesExtract/Set Covariates
curveplotResponse Curve Plots for IRT Models
discrparExtract Discrimination Parameters of Item Response Models
elementary_symmetric_functionsCalculation of the Elementary Symmetric Functions and Their...
FirstNamesPopularity of First Names
GermanParties2009Choice among German Political Parties
gpcmodelGeneralized Partial Credit Model Fitting Function
guessparExtract Guessing Parameters of Item Response Models
infoplotInformation Plots for IRT Models
itemparExtract Item Parameters of Item Response Models
itemrespData Structure for Item Response Data
labelsSet Labels
MathExam14WMathematics 101 Exam Results
MemoryDeficitsMemory Deficits in Psychiatric Patients
mptmodelMultinomial Processing Tree (MPT) Model Fitting Function
mscaleExtract/Replace Measurement Scale
PairClusteringPair Clustering Data in Klauer (2006)
paircompData Structure for Paired Comparisons
pcmodelPartial Credit Model Fitting Function
personparExtract Person Parameters of Item Response Models
piplotPerson-Item Plots for IRT Models
plmodelParametric Logistic Model Fitting Function
plot.btmodelVisualizing Bradley-Terry Models
plot.paircompPlotting Paired Comparison Data
plot.raschmodelVisualizing IRT Models
predict.pcmodelPredict Methods for Item Response Models
print.itemrespFormatting Item Response Data
print.paircompFormatting Paired Comparison Data
profileplotProfile Plots for IRT Models
raschmodelRasch Model Fitting Function
regionplotRegion Plots for IRT Models
rgpcmSimulate Data under a Generalized Partial Credit Model
rpcmSimulate Data under a Partial Credit Model
rplSimulate Data under a Parametric Logistic IRT Model
rrmSimulate Data under a Rasch model
rrsmSimulate Data under a Rating Scale Model
rsmodelRating Scale Model Fitting Function
Sim3PLSimulated Data for fitting a 3PL and 3PLu
SoundQualityQuality of Multichannel Reproduced Sound
SourceMonitoringPerformance in a Source-Monitoring Experiment
StereotypeThreatStereotype Threat in Dutch Differential Aptitude Test
subset.itemrespSubsetting Item Response Data
subset.paircompSubsetting/Reordering Paired Comparison Data
summary.itemrespSummarizing and Visualizing Item Response Data
threshparExtract Threshold Parameters of Item Response Models
upperparExtract Upper Asymptote Parameters of Item Response Models
VerbalAggressionSituation-Response Questionnaire on Verbal Aggression
worthExtract Worth Parameters
YouthGratitudeMeasuring Gratitude in Youth
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