Man pages for purrr
Functional Programming Tools

accumulateAccumulate intermediate results of a vector reduction
alongCreate a list of given length
array-coercionCoerce array to list
as_mapperConvert an object into a mapper function
as_vectorCoerce a list to a vector
at_depthMap at depth
attr_getterCreate an attribute getter function
composeCompose multiple functions
crossProduce all combinations of list elements
detectFind the value or position of the first match
doneDone box
everyDo every, some, or none of the elements of a list satisfy a...
execExecute a function
faq-adverbs-exportBest practices for exporting adverb-wrapped functions
flattenFlatten a list of lists into a simple vector.
get-attrInfix attribute accessor
has_elementDoes a list contain an object?
head_whileFind head/tail that all satisfies a predicate.
imapApply a function to each element of a vector, and its index
insistentlyTransform a function to make it run insistently or slowly
invokeInvoke functions.
is_numericTest is an object is integer or double
keepKeep or discard elements using a predicate function.
liftLift the domain of a function
list_modifyModify a list
lmapApply a function to list-elements of a list
mapApply a function to each element of a list or atomic vector
map2Map over multiple inputs simultaneously.
map_ifApply a function to each element of a vector conditionally
modifyModify elements selectively
modify_inModify a pluck location
negateNegate a predicate function.
null-defaultDefault value for 'NULL'
partialPartial apply a function, filling in some arguments.
pipePipe operator
pluckPluck or chuck a single element from a vector or environment
prependPrepend a vector
purrr-packagepurrr: Functional Programming Tools
rate-helpersCreate delaying rate settings
rate_sleepWait for a given time
rbernoulliGenerate random sample from a Bernoulli distribution
rdunifGenerate random sample from a discrete uniform distribution
reduceReduce a list to a single value by iteratively applying a...
reduce_rightReduce from the right (retired)
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rep_alongRepeat a value with matching length
rerunRe-run expressions multiple times.
safelyCapture side effects.
set_namesSet names in a vector
spliceSplice objects and lists of objects into a list
transposeTranspose a list.
vec_depthCompute the depth of a vector
whenMatch/validate a set of conditions for an object and continue...
zapZap an element
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