Man pages for purrr
Functional Programming Tools

accumulateAccumulate intermediate results of a vector reduction
alongCreate a list of given length
array-coercionCoerce array to list
as_mapperConvert an object into a mapper function
as_vectorCoerce a list to a vector
at_depthMap at depth
attr_getterCreate an attribute getter function
auto_browseWrap a function so it will automatically 'browse()' on error
chuckGet an element deep within a nested data structure, failing...
composeCompose multiple functions together to create a new function
crossProduce all combinations of list elements
detectFind the value or position of the first match
everyDo every, some, or none of the elements of a list satisfy a...
faq-adverbs-exportBest practices for exporting adverb-wrapped functions
flattenFlatten a list of lists into a simple vector
get-attrInfix attribute accessor
has_elementDoes a list contain an object?
head_whileFind head/tail that all satisfies a predicate.
imapApply a function to each element of a vector, and its index
insistentlyTransform a function to wait then retry after an error
invokeInvoke functions.
keepKeep/discard elements based on their values
keep_atKeep/discard elements based on their name/position
liftLift the domain of a function
list_assignModify a list
list_cCombine list elements into a single data structure
list_flattenFlatten a list
list_simplifySimplify a list to an atomic or S3 vector
list_transposeTranspose a list
lmapApply a function to list-elements of a list
mapApply a function to each element of a vector
map2Map over two inputs
map_depthMap/modify elements at given depth
map_dfrFunctions that return data frames
map_ifApply a function to each element of a vector conditionally
map_rawFunctions that return raw vectors
modifyModify elements selectively
modify_inModify a pluck location
modify_treeRecursively modify a list
negateNegate a predicate function so it selects what it previously...
partialPartially apply a function, filling in some arguments
pipePipe operator
pluckSafely get or set an element deep within a nested data...
pluck_depthCompute the depth of a vector
pmapMap over multiple input simultaneously (in "parallel")
possiblyWrap a function to return a value instead of an error
prependPrepend a vector
progress_barsProgress bars in purrr
purrr_error_indexedIndexed errors ('purrr_error_indexed')
purrr-packagepurrr: Functional Programming Tools
quietlyWrap a function to capture side-effects
rate-helpersCreate delaying rate settings
rate_sleepWait for a given time
rbernoulliGenerate random sample from a Bernoulli distribution
rdunifGenerate random sample from a discrete uniform distribution
reduceReduce a list to a single value by iteratively applying a...
reduce_rightReduce from the right (retired)
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rerunRe-run expressions multiple times
safelyWrap a function to capture errors
slowlyWrap a function to wait between executions
spliceSplice objects and lists of objects into a list
transposeTranspose a list.
update_listUpdate a list with formulas
whenMatch/validate a set of conditions for an object and continue...
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