as_vector: Coerce a list to a vector

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Coerce a list to a vector



These functions were superseded in purrr 1.0.0 in favour of list_simplify() which has more consistent semantics based on vctrs principles:

  • as_vector(x) is now list_simplify(x)

  • simplify(x) is now list_simplify(x, strict = FALSE)

  • simplify_all(x) is map(x, list_simplify, strict = FALSE)

Superseded functions will not go away, but will only receive critical bug fixes.


as_vector(.x, .type = NULL)

simplify(.x, .type = NULL)

simplify_all(.x, .type = NULL)



A list of vectors


Can be a vector mold specifying both the type and the length of the vectors to be concatenated, such as numeric(1) or integer(4). Alternatively, it can be a string describing the type, one of: "logical", "integer", "double", "complex", "character" or "raw".


# was
as.list(letters) |> as_vector("character")
# now
as.list(letters) |> list_simplify(ptype = character())

# was:
list(1:2, 3:4, 5:6) |> as_vector(integer(2))
# now:
list(1:2, 3:4, 5:6) |> list_c(ptype = integer())

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