read_cross2: Read QTL data from files

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Read QTL data from files


Read QTL data from a set of files


read_cross2(file, quiet = TRUE)



Character string with path to the YAML or JSON file containing all of the control information. This could instead be a zip file containing all of the data files, in which case the contents are unzipped to a temporary directory and then read.


If FALSE, print progress messages.


A control file in YAML or JSON format contains information about basic parameters as well as the names of the series of data files to be read. See the sample data files and the vignette describing the input file format.


Object of class "cross2". For details, see the R/qtl2 developer guide.

See Also

read_pheno(), write_control_file(), sample data files at and


## Not run: 
yaml_file <- ""
grav2 <- read_cross2(yaml_file)

## End(Not run)
zip_file <- system.file("extdata", "", package="qtl2")
grav2 <- read_cross2(zip_file)

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