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This function is a wrapper for getting a summary of the results of an rSHAPE run and/or experiment as a whole. The former is presumed to be of greater use but either is fine as per your needs. This wrapper will cause RData files to be created which contain the summarised experimental details that you can then use more easily for analysis.


summariseExperiment(func_processingTypes = c("fileList", "parameters",
  "popDemographics", "repeatability"), func_numCores = 1,
  func_suppressOld = FALSE)



A vector of character strings which define the type of processing to be performed when callign this experimental analysis wrapper function. At present, the types include: "fileList", "parameters", "popDemographics","repeatability" as per the rSHAPE option - shape_procExp_filenames


Integer number of computer cores to be requested for performing parallel processing of experiment files. It defaults as 1, which effectively means in tandem - ie: not parallel.


This is a logical toggle if files which exist in the expected location should be deleted. Default is FALSE and the function will simply not process alraedy processed output. TRUE might be useful as a means to forcibly re-run the summary fresh.


A message detailing if the requested processed files can be found, either affirmative for all or a note when at least one is missing.


There is no example as this cannot work without a complete rSHAPE experiment to be analysed.

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