Man pages for raster
Geographic Data Analysis and Modeling

addLayerAdd or drop a layer
adjacentAdjacent cells
aggregateAggregate raster cells or SpatialPolygons/Lines
alignExtentAlign an extent (object of class Extent)
animateAnimate layers of a Raster* object
approxNAEstimate values for cell values that are 'NA' by...
areaSize of cells
Arith-methodsArithmetic with Raster* objects
as.characterCharacter representation of a Raster or Extent object a data.frame with raster cell values, or coerce...
as.listCreate a list of RasterLayer objects
as.logical-methodsChange cell values to logical or integer values
as.matrixGet a vector, matrix, or array with raster cell values
as.rasterCoerce to a 'raster' object
atan2Two argument arc-tangent
autocorSpatial autocorrelation
bandsNumber of bands
barplotBar plot of a RasterLayer
bindBind Spatial* objects
blockSizeBlock size for writing files
boundariesboundaries (edges) detection
boxplotBox plot of Raster objects
brickCreate a RasterBrick object
cellFromGet cell, row, or column number
cellsFromExtentCells from extent, and vice versa
cellStatsStatistics across cells
clampClamp values
clearValuesClear values
clickQuery by clicking on a map
clumpDetect clumps
clusterUse a multi-core cluster
compareCompare Raster objects
compareCRSPartially compare two CRS objects
Compare-methodsCompare Raster* objects
contourContour plot
coordsCoordinates of the Extent of a Raster object
corLocalLocal correlation coefficient
coverReplace NA values with values of other layers
cutConvert values to classes
cvCoefficient of variation
datasourceAre values in memory and/or on disk?
dataTypeData type
densityDensity plot
dimensionsDimensions of a Raster* object
distanceFromPointsDistance from points
drawDraw a line or polygon
drawExtentCreate an Extent object by drawing on a map
eraseErase parts of a SpatialPolygons* or SpatialLines* object....
extensionFilename extensions
Extent-classClass "Extent"
extractExtract values from Raster objects
extractIndexIndexing to extract values of a Raster* object
extremeValuesMinimum and maximum values
filledContourFilled contour plot
flowpathFlow path
focalFocal values
focalWeightFocal weights matrix
freqFrequency table
gainoffsetGain and offset of values on file
geomGet the coordinates of a vector type Spatial* object
getDataGet geographic data
getValuesGet raster cell values
getValuesBlockGet a block of raster cell values
getValuesFocalGet focal raster cell values
gridDistanceDistance on a grid
hdrFilesHeader files
headtailShow the head or tail of a Raster* object
hillShadeHill shading
iniFileRead a .ini file
initInitialize a Raster object with values
isLonLatIs this longitude/latitude data?
KMLWrite a KML or KMZ file
layerStatsCorrelation and (weighted) covariance
localFunLocal functions
Logic-methodsLogical operators and functions
maskMask values in a Raster object
matchValue matching for Raster* objects
Math-methodsMathematical functions
mergeMerge Raster* objects
modalmodal value
mosaicMerge Raster* objects using a function for overlapping areas
movingFunMoving functions
namesNames of raster layers
NAvalueSet the NA value of a RasterLayer
ncellNumber or rows, columns, and cells of a Raster* object
nlayersNumber of layers
overlayOverlay Raster objects
pairsPairs plot (matrix of scatterplots)
perspPerspective plot
plotPlot a Raster* object
plotRGBRed-Green-Blue plot of a multi-layered Raster object
pointDistanceDistance between points
predictSpatial model predictions
programmingHelper functions for programming
projectionGet or set a coordinate reference system (projection)
projectRasterProject a Raster object
propertiesRaster file properties
quantileRaster quantiles
rasterCreate a RasterLayer object
Raster-classesRaster* classes
rasterFromCellsSubset a raster by cell numbers
rasterFromXYZCreate a Raster* object from x, y, z values
rasterizeRasterize points, lines, or polygons
rasterOptionsGlobal options for the raster package
raster-packageOverview of the functions in the raster package
rasterTmpFileTemporary files
rasterToContourRaster to contour lines conversion
rasterToPointsRaster to points conversion
rasterToPolygonsRaster to polygons conversion
Rcpp-classesRcpp classes
readAllRead values from disk
rectifyrectify a Raster object
replacementReplace cell values or layers of a Raster* object
resampleResample a Raster object
RGBCreate a Red-Green-Blue Raster object
rotatedDo the raster cells have a rotation?
roundInteger values
roundExtentround Extent coordinates
rowFromCellRow or column number from a cell number
rowSumsrowSums and colSums for Raster objects
sampleIntSample integer values
sampleRandomRandom sample
sampleRegularRegular sample
sampleStratifiedStratified random sample
saveStackSave or open a RasterStack file
scaleScale values
selectGeometric subsetting
setExtentSet the extent of a RasterLayer
setMinMaxCompute min and max values
setValuesSet values of a Raster object
shapefileRead or write a shapefile
slopeAspectSlope and aspect
spEasyCreate SpatialLines* or SpatialPolygons*
spplotUse spplot to plot a Raster* or other object
stackCreate a RasterStack object
stackApplyApply a function on subsets of a RasterStack or RasterBrick
stackSelectSelect cell values from a multi-layer Raster* object
subsSubstitute values in a Raster* object
subsetSubset layers in a Raster* object
Summary-methodsSummary methods
symdifSymetrical difference
terrainTerrain characteristics
textAdd labels to a map
unionUnion Extent or SpatialPolygons* objects
uniqueUnique values
updateUpdate raster cells of files (on disk)
validCellValidity of a cell, column or row number
validNamesCreate valid names
weighted.meanWeighted mean of rasters
whichWhich cells are TRUE?
which.minmaxWhere is the min or max value?
writeFormatsFile types for writing
writeRasterWrite raster data to a file
writeValuesWrite values to a file
xyFromCellCoordinates from a row, column or cell number
zApplyz (time) apply
zonalZonal statistics
zoomZoom in on a map
zvaluesGet or set z-values
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