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Cosmic Microwave Background Data Analysis

ancestorReturn index of kth ancestor pixel
areCompatibleCMBDFsCheck compatibleness of CMBDataFrames
as.CMBDataFrameConvert objects to 'CMBDataFrame'
assumedConvexCheck if a 'CMBWindow' is assumed convex.
assumedConvex-setChange the 'assumedConvex' boolean of a 'CMBWindow'
assumedUniquePixCheck if object was assumed to have unique HEALPix indices
baseNeighboursReturn neighbours of base pixels
borderPatternBorder pattern is resolution independent
cbind.CMBDataFrame'cbind' for CMBDataFrames
chi2CMBChi-squared statistic for two 'CMBWindow's
childrenReturn children of a pixel
CMBDatCMBDat class
CMBDataFrameCMBDataFrame class
CMBWindowCMBWindow class.
coordsCoordinate conversion generic
coords.CMBDataFrameCoordinate system from a 'CMBDataFrame'
coords.CMBWindowCoordinate system from a 'CMBWindow' a new data.frame with a given coordinate system
coords.HPDataFrameCoordinate system from a 'HPDataFrame'
coords-setCoordinate conversion generic
coords-set-.CMBDataFrameAssign new coordinate system to a 'CMBDataFrame'
coords-set-.CMBWindowAssign new coordinate system to CMBWindow new coordinate system to a 'data.frame'
coords-set-.HPDataFrameAssign new coordinate system to a 'HPDataFrame'
corrCMBSample correlation function
covCMBSample covariance function
covmodelCMBComputes values of covariance functions
covPwSpCovariance estimate via power spectra
displayPixelBoundariesPlot HEALPix pixel boundaries
displayPixelsDisplay the pixels and grandchildren
downloadCMBMapDownload CMB Maps from Planck Public Data Release.
downloadCMBPSDownload CMB Power Spectra from Planck Legacy Archive.
entropyCMBCMB Entropy
exprobThreshold exceedance probability
extrCMBExtreme values
fmfFirst Minkowski functional
fRenSample Renyi function
geo2sphConvert geographic to spherical coordinates
geoAngleAngle between two spherical directions
geoAreageoArea generic
geoArea.CMBDataFrameGeodesic area covered by a 'CMBDataFrame'
geoArea.CMBWindowGeodesic area of a 'CMBWindow'
geoArea.HPDataFrameGeodesic area covered by a 'HPDataFrame'
geoDistGeodesic distance on the unit sphere
headerGet the FITS headers from a 'CMBDataFrame'
healpixCenteredCheck if object is assumed to have HEALPix centered...
HPDataFrameHPDataFrame class
ibp2pComputes pixel's index using its subindex within base...
is.CMBDatCheck if an object is of class CMBDat
is.CMBDataFrameCheck if an object is of class CMBDataFrame
is.CMBWindowCheck if an object is a CMBWindow
is.HPDataFrameCheck if an object is of class 'HPDataFrame'
jacobiPolCalculate Jacobi polynomial values
linesCMBAdds lines of fitted variograms to variogram plots
maxDistGet the maximum geodesic distance between points
maxWindowDistGet the maximum distance between all points in a 'CMBWindow'
minDistGet the minimum geodesic distance between points
neighboursReturn neighbouring pixels
nest2ringConvert nest to ring ordering
nestSearchFinds the closest pixel center to a point
nsidenside generic
nside.CMBDataFrameHEALPix Nside parameter from a CMBDataFrame
nside.HPDataFrameHEALPix Nside parameter from a 'HPDataFrame'
onBPBoundarya version of onBPBoundary to use with neighbours
orderingordering generic
ordering.CMBDataFrameHEALPix ordering scheme from a CMBDataFrame
ordering.HPDataFrameHEALPix ordering scheme from a HPDataFrame
ordering-setordering generic
ordering-set-.CMBDataFrameAssign a new ordering scheme to a 'CMBDataFrame'
ordering-set-.HPDataFrameAssign new ordering scheme to HPDataFrame
p2bpReturn base pixel to which pixel belongs
p2ibpReturn pixel index within its base pixel
parentReturn index of parent pixel
pixpix generic
pix2coordsConvert pixel indices to cartesian/spherical coordinates
pix.CMBDataFrameHEALPix pixel indices from 'CMBDataFrame'
pixelAreaArea of a HEALPix pixel
pixelWindowFind high resolution pixels falling in a lower resolution...
pix.HPDataFrameHEALPix pixel indices from 'HPDataFrame'
pix-setpix generic
pix-set-.CMBDataFrameAssign new pixel indices to a CMBDataFrame
plotAngDisPlot angular scatterplots and means
plot.CMBCorrelationPlot sample CMBCorrelation
plot.CMBCovariancePlot sample CMBCovariance
plot.CMBDataFramePlot CMB Data
plot.CMBWindowVisualise a 'CMBWindow'
plotcovmodelCMBPlot theoretical CMBCovariance
plot.HPDataFramePlot HPDataFrame
plotvariogramPlot theoretical variogram
plot.variogramPlot sample variogram
practicalRangeCMBPractical range for covariance function
print.CMBDataFramePrint CMBDataFrame
print.HPDataFramePrint a 'HPDataFrame'
print.summary.CMBDataFramePrint a summary of a CMBDataFrame
print.summary.CMBWindowPrint a summary of a 'CMBWindow'
print.summary.HPDataFramePrint a summary of a HPDataFrame
pwSpCorrPower spectra estimate via correlation
qqnormWinNormal QQ plot for 'CMBWindow'
qqplotWinQuantile-Quantile plots for 'CMBWindow's
rbind.CMBDataFrame'rbind' for CMBDataFrames
rcosmoHandling and Analysing CMB data
resolutionGet the arcmin resolution from a 'CMBDataFrame'
ring2nestConvert ring to nest ordering.
sampleCMBTake a simple random sample from a 'CMBDataFrame'
siblingsReturn siblings of pixel
sphericalHarmonicsCompute spherical harmonic values at given points on the...
summary.CMBDataFrameSummarise a 'CMBDataFrame'
summary.CMBWindowSummarise a 'CMBWindow'
summary.HPDataFrameSummarise a 'HPDataFrame'
triangulateTriangulate a polygonal 'CMBWindow'
variofitCMBEstimates parameters of variograms
variogramCMBSample variogram
windowwindow generic
window.CMBDatGet a sub window from a 'CMBDat' object
window.CMBDataFrameGet a sub window from 'CMBDataFrame' a sub window from a data.frame
window.HPDataFrameGet a sub window from a 'HPDataFrame'
window-setwindow generic
window-set-.CMBDataFrameAssign a new 'CMBWindow' to a 'CMBDataFrame'
winTypeGet/change winType
winType-setAssign new 'winType' to a 'CMBWindow'
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