update_haplohh: Update object of class haplohh

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Update object of class haplohh-class constructed by rehh versions up to version 2.0.4.





an object of an old version of haplohh-class.


This function is intended to update haplohh objects that have been built by rehh versions up to 2.0.4. These objects cannot be used in functions of the current version. The following changes have been made to the class definition: The internal representation of the haplotype matrix followed the encoding

and has been replaced by a vcf-like encoding:

Furthermore the slots nsnp, snp.name and nhap have been removed and slot position renamed to positions. An update of an old haplohh object is done as follows:

new_haplohh = update_haplohh(old_haplohh).

See Also

haplohh-class, data2haplohh.

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