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Simulating the Molecular Evolutionary Process of Retrotransposon Recombination

ActivityParamsCreate ActivityParams object
BurstParamsCreate BurstParams object
FamilyParamsCreate FamilyParams object
is.ActivityParamsIs x an ActivityParams object?
is.BurstParamsIs x a BurstParams object?
is.FamilyParamsIs x a FamilyParams object?
is.MutationParamsIs x a MutationParams object?
is.OutputParamsIs x a OutputParams object?
is.RecombParamsIs x a RecombParams object?
is.SeedParamsIs x a SeedParams object?
is.SelectionParamsIs x a SelectionParams object?
is.SequenceParamsIs x a SequenceParams object?
is.SimulationParamsIs x a SimulationParams object?
MutationParamsCreate MutationParams object
OutputParamsCreate OutputParams object
parseSimulationOutputInput data from CPP output into a list of data frames
plotEvolutionPlotting function wrapper
RecombParamsCreate RecombParams object
retrocombinator-packageretrocombinator: Simulating The Evolution of Retrotransposons...
SeedParamsCreate SeedParams object
SelectionParamsCreate SelectionParams object
SequenceParamsCreate SequenceParams object
simulateEvolutionRun an entire simulation with flags
SimulationParamsCreate SimulationParams object
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