controlVariate-class: Class '"controlVariate"'

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This is the class definition that allows for the application of control variate sampling to downLog or standingTree objects. Examples of the class usage can be found in the Monte Carlo sampling vignette referenced below.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("controlVariate", ...). However, an object constructor of the same name, controlVariate, has been provided and is the preferred method for creating objects that are ensured to be valid.


Please note that diameters below are presumed to be in the same units as length, i.e., meters for “metric”, and feet for “English” units. Cross-sectional areas are in compatible units.

This class has three superclasses that define a number of other slots in addition to the what follows. Please see these classes for the complete set of slot definitions for the "controlVariate" class...


Object of class "numeric": This vector holds the n.s differences between measured and proxy cross-sectional areas at the different sample points along the bole section.


Class "importanceSampling", directly.
Class "crudeMonteCarlo", by class "importanceSampling", distance 2.
Class "MonteCarloSampling", by class "importanceSampling", distance 3.


No new methods defined with class "controlVariate" in the signature. However, various methods such as summary and plot are available through inheritance.


Jeffrey H. Gove


Gove, J. H. 2013. Monte Carlo sampling methods in sampSurf. Package vignette.

See Also

MonteCarloSampling, crudeMonteCarlo, importanceSampling, antitheticSampling.



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