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This is a class definition for objects that enumerate the full set of chainsaw inclusion zones at each grid point within the sausage-shaped inclusion zone for the whole log under protocol 1 of Gove and Van Deusen (2011). It is a useful method to visualize how the chainsaw method generates different estimates at each sample point (grid cell center) within the log's zone, by “cutting” off a different sliver at each point, due to the differing intersection of the circluar plot with the log.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("csFullInclusionZoneGrid", ...). However, this is not recommended because the objects are fairly complex. Instead, one can use the object constructor izGrid to create new objects. More details are found in "The InclusionZoneGrid Class" vignette.


As noted below, this class is a subclass of "InclusionZoneGrid"; it adds only one slot to the class, all others not defined below are as described in the superclass...


Object of class "list": This is a list object containing NAs for cells outside the inclusion zone, but containing the full set of “InclusionZoneGrid” objects corresponding to each grid cell within the inclusion zone. The grid cell center is used as the center point of the circular plot that defines the chainsaw intersection of the plot with the log for each cell.


Object of class "InclusionZone": In this class, this slot contains the overall "fullChainSawIZ" (sausage) inclusion zone object which delineates the grid cells that intersect the log under protocol 1. Note that one can find the plot radius, etc. within the object contained in this slot.


Class "InclusionZoneGrid", directly.


No methods defined with class "csFullInclusionZoneGrid" in the signature. Because this is simple extension subclass of “InclusionZoneGrid,” it's plotting and other routines will work on this class.


Jeffrey H. Gove


Gove, J. H. and Van Deusen, P. C. 2011. On fixed-area plot sampling for downed coarse woody debris. Forestry. Forestry 84:109–117.

See Also

InclusionZoneGrid, Stem, Tract, sampSurf, InclusionZone



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