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This is the generic definition for generating objects of class "sampSurf." There are several methods corresponding to this generic that may be found in sampSurf-methods. One of the constructor methods in particular, averts the necessity for being familiar with the other classes in the package and can simply be run from scratch, requiring only an extant "Tract" object on which to draw the sample and compute the surface. More details and examples are found in "The sampSurf Class" vignette.


sampSurf(object, tract, ...)



Signature object, which differs for each method.


Signature object of class "Tract" or subclass.


See methods.


The generation of objects of this class depends on the signature of the method used. One common thread is that all methods require an existing object of class "Tract" or one of its subclasses to be available. This will be the grid area over which the population is to be simulated and sampling surface determined. It is often convenient to set this area up to be equal to one acre or one hectare. However, one could match each "tract" to the size of a sample plot where logs or trees have been measured in the field, for example. And there is no reason why the tract must be restricted to a smaller size, except for the limitations of computer memory. The raster package routines should help with this because they will store large rasters (tracts) on disk, but I have not had the chance to test this out sufficiently yet. In any case, one can start from scratch and make all of the intervening objects necessary to create a sampling surface with the appropriate constructor method. Alternatively, one can bypass all the intermediate steps and use the constructor that takes the number of individual stems and a tract object, and let it do all of the work. These are both explained in the vignette sited above and in the sampSurf-methods.


A valid object of class "sampSurf."


Jeffrey H. Gove


"The sampSurf Class" vignette.

See Also

sampSurf-package, sampSurf-class, sampSurf-methods


#  create a sampling surface with 3 logs using the "sausage" method...
tr = Tract(c(x=50,y=50), cellSize=0.5)
btr = bufferedTract(10, tr)
ssSA = sampSurf(3, btr, iZone = 'sausageIZ', plotRadius=3,
       buttDiam=c(30,50), startSeed=1001)
plot(ssSA, axes=TRUE)

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