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Each different class of object in this package has a plot method associated with it that is based on R's graphics::plot generic. These all have the same form for the first signature arguments as shown below, but many have different arguments beyond those normmaly found in plot to add some flexibility to the rendering of each object. These are all given in plot-methods.


The different classes within the package are unique enough that there is not much functionality in common with regard to shared arguments. Two notable exceptions are that often the individual plot methods for a given object do not show axes and assume that a new plot is desired. Two common arguments that can be used to override these assumptions are axes=TRUE and add=TRUE. An example is shown below.


The methods do not, in general, return any values.


Jeffrey H. Gove

See Also

plot-methods, graphics::plot, raster::plot


tr = Tract(c(x=25,y=25), cellSize=0.5)
btr = bufferedTract(5, tr)
dlogs = downLogs(20, btr, buttDiams=c(25,35),logLens=c(3,10))
plot(btr, axes=TRUE, bufferColor='lightblue')
plot(dlogs, add=TRUE, showLogCenter=TRUE, logCenterColor='grey30', cex=2)

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