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Seasonal Analysis of Health Data

aaftAmplitude Adjusted Fourier Transform (AAFT)
AFLAustralian Football League (AFL) Players' Birthdays for the...
casecrossCase-crossover Analysis to Control for Seasonality
ciPhaseMean and Confidence Interval for Circular Phase
cipolygonFunction to Draw CI Polygon
cosinorCosinor Regression Model for Detecting Seasonality in Yearly...
createAdjCreates an Adjacency Matrix
CVDCardiovascular Deaths in Los Angeles, 1987-2000
CVDdailyDaily Cardiovascular Deaths in Los Angeles, 1987-2000
exerciseExercise Data from Queensland, 2005-2007
flagleapCount the Number of Days in the Month
indoorIndoor Temperature Data
invyrfractionInverse Fraction of the Year or Hour
kalfilForward and Backward Sweep of the Kalman Filter
monthglmFit a GLM with Month
monthmeanMonthly Means
nocharsRemove Letters and Characters from a String
nonlintestTest of Non-linearity of a Time Series
nscosinorNon-stationary Cosinor
nscosinor.initialInitial Values for Non-stationary Cosinor
phasecalcPhase from Cosinor Estimates
plotCircleCircular Plot
plotCircularCircular Plot Using Segments
plot.CosinorPlot the Results of a Cosinor
plotMonthPlot Results by Month
plot.monthglmPlot of Monthly Estimates
plot.MonthmeanPlot of Monthly Mean Estimates
plot.nonlintestPlot the Results of the Non-linear Test
plot.nsCosinorPlot the Results of a Non-stationary Cosinor
print.casecrossPrint the Results of a Case-Crossover Model
print.CosinorPrint the Results of a Cosinor
print.monthglmPrint 'monthglm'
print.MonthmeanPrint the Results from Monthmean
print.nonlintestPrint the Results of the Non-linear Test
print.nsCosinorPrint the Results of a Non-stationary Cosinor
print.summary.Cosinorprinting a summary of a Cosinor
print.summary.monthglmprinting a summary of a month.glm
print.summary.nscosinorprinting a summary of an nscosinor
rinvgammaRandom Inverse Gamma Distribution
schzSchizophrenia Births in Australia, 1930-1971
season-packageseason: Tools for Uncovering and Estimating Seasonal...
seasrescheckSeasonal Residual Checks
sinusoidPlot a Sinusoid
stillbirthStillbirths in Queensland, 1998-2000
summary.casecrossSummary of the Results of a Case-crossover Model
summary.CosinorSummary for a Cosinor
summary.monthglmSummary for a Monthglm
summary.nsCosinorSummary for a Non-stationary Cosinor
thirdThird-order Moment
wtestWalter and Elwood's Test of Seasonality
yrfractionFraction of the Year
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