Man pages for season
Seasonal Analysis of Health Data

aaftAmplitude Adjusted Fourier Transform (AAFT)
AFLAustralian Football League (AFL) Players' Birthdays for the...
casecrossCase-crossover Analysis to Control for Seasonality
ciPhaseMean and Confidence Interval for Circular Phase
cipolygon-internalFunction to Draw CI Polygon
cosinorCosinor Regression Model for Detecting Seasonality in Yearly...
createAdjCreates an Adjacency Matrix
CVDCardiovascular Deaths in Los Angeles, 1987-2000
CVDdailyDaily Cardiovascular Deaths in Los Angeles, 1987-2000
exerciseExercise Data from Queensland, 2005-2007
flagleap-internalCount the Number of Days in the Month
indoorIndoor Temperature Data
invyrfractionInverse Fraction of the Year
kalfil-internalForward and Backward Sweep of the Kalman Filter
monthglmFit a GLM with Month
monthmeanMonthly Means
nochars-internalRemove Letters and Characters from a String
nonlintestTest of Non-linearity of a Time Series
nscosinorNon-stationary Cosinor
nscosinor.initial-internalInitial Values for Non-stationary Cosinor
phasecalcPhase from Cosinor Estimates
plotCircleCircular Plot
plotCircularCircular Plot Using Segments
plot.CosinorPlot the Results of a Cosinor
plotMonthPlot Results by Month
plot.monthglmPlot of Monthly Estimates
plot.MonthmeanPlot of Monthly Mean Estimates
plot.nonlintestPlot the Results of the Non-linear Test
plot.nsCosinorPlot the Results of a Non-stationary Cosinor
print.casecrossPrint the Results of a Case-Crossover Model
print.CosinorPrint the Results of a Cosinor
print.MonthmeanPrint the Results from Monthmean
print.nonlintestPrint the Results of the Non-linear Test
print.nsCosinorPrint the Results of a Non-stationary Cosinor
rinvgamma-internalRandom Inverse Gamma Distribution
schzSchizophrenia Births in Australia, 1930-1971
season-internalInternal Season Functions
season-packageTools for Uncovering and Estimating Seasonal Patterns.
seasrescheckSeasonal Residual Checks
sinusoidPlot a Sinusoid
stillbirthStillbirths in Queensland, 1998-2000
summary.casecrossSummary of the Results of a Case-crossover Model
summary.CosinorSummary for a Cosinor
summary.monthglmSummary for a Monthglm
summary.nsCosinorSummary for a Non-stationary Cosinor
thirdThird-order Moment
wtestWalter and Elwood's Test of Seasonality
yrfractionFraction of the Year
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