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season: Tools for Uncovering and Estimating Seasonal Patterns.


The package contains graphical methods for displaying seasonal data and regression models for detecting and estimating seasonal patterns.


The regression models can be applied to normal, Poisson or binomial dependent data distributions. Tools are available for both time series data (equally spaced in time) and survey data (unequally spaced in time).

Sinusoidal (parametric) seasonal patterns are available (cosinor, nscosinor), as well as models for monthly data (monthglm), and the case-crossover method to control for seasonality (casecross).

season aims to fill an important gap in the software by providing a range of tools for analysing seasonal data. The examples are based on health data, but the functions are equally applicable to any data with a seasonal pattern.


Adrian Barnett <>
Peter Baker
Oliver Hughes

Maintainer: Adrian Barnett <>


Barnett, A.G., Dobson, A.J. (2010) Analysing Seasonal Health Data. Springer.

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